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Interview with Kulsoom Zaidi of The Learning Experience - Kingwood

Published: Oct 26, 2017, 10:00am

As part of our ongoing "Getting to Know Your Local Businesses" series, this week we sat down with Kulsoom Zaidi, owner of The Learning Experience (TLE) Kingwood location.

Tell us a bit about your business: What does your business offer, and how long have you been around?

The Learning Experience® (TLE) is one of the nation’s fastest growing, franchised academies of early education for children ages six weeks to six years old. The company’s proven curriculum has resulted in 95% of its pre-school graduates reading before kindergarten. There are more than 150 The Learning Experience centers open and operating in the U.S., with another 70 under development. Approximately 70% of these are independently owned and operated by local business men and women.

TLE @ Kingwood opened on July 24 of this year. Our mission is to cultivate creative, compassionate and innovative young minds through our proprietary curriculum and enrichment programs that encourage and foster learning through six critical stages of early development: Infant, Toddler, Twaddler, Prepper, Preschooler and Kindergartner. The Learning Experience's proprietary Learning Experience Academic Program (L.E.A.P.) Curriculum was developed over 30 years with each child's optimal development in mind. Today, L.E.A.P includes sign language for infants and toddlers, a phonics program, foreign language programs, manners and etiquette, physical fitness, and a philanthropy program that teaches children the value of selflessness and giving. We strongly believe that kids should have fun and enjoy every moment of their childhood, which is why all programs/lessons at TLE® are designed to make learning fun!

How did you decide to get involved in this line of work? How did the business get started?

After moving here from Canada six years ago and working in Corporate America as a payroll manager, I was fortunate to learn about TLE and its amazing curriculum and programs through my husband’s family, who have been in child care for close to 20 years themselves.  Coupled with the experience I gained through their child care facilities and wanting more of a human connection, I found myself intrigued about the “TLE way”. TLE truly cares and takes into account what parents want for their children, as well as what the children themselves want. Not only do I have the human connection with little and big humans 😉 that I’ve been looking for, I now have a path to make a difference in people’s lives by joining TLE. In today’s extremely demanding and busy day-to-day routine, my ultimate goal is to give families a worry-free, happy, fulfilling and worthwhile experience.

Tell us a couple things you are proud of about your business. What are you known for? What separates you from the competition?

I’m so proud of how far the school has come since our opening day. What sets us apart is, first and foremost: Our People. Our staff members give it their all, with each one of them having a nurturing background. I love them – they are so dedicated and they really care about the development of each child, plus the success of the school. I also absolutely adore that TLE is a family-oriented company. They chose the company mascot, Bubbles the Elephant, because elephants actually represent family. I love that because my goal is to create one big happy family here, maintaining a happy, cozy, and nurturing environment for the kids.

Other aspects that set us apart: Our beautiful facility which is cozy, inviting, and most of all, vibrant and colorful … made just for the kiddos. Our remarkable enrichment programs that are offered at no additional charge. Our L.E.A.P Interactive boards - nothing is more fun than these 65 inch boards that use touch-screen technology and are full of interactive learning games to further enhance and engage children in L.E.A.P. And, last but not least, an indoor miniature Main Street that expands socio-dramatic play!

What is your favorite part of running this business?

Everything - from operations, to the business side, to the kids and families - I love it all. I’m an on-site manager and you’ll see me here every single day. I’m very hands-on and my staff knows they can count on me for anything and everything. I don’t want to miss a beat!

Who is your ideal customer/client? Who do you serve best?

Our ideal customer/client is any parent who wants their child/children treated as part of our family and wants a happy and fulfilling experience. We welcome you to come out and visit us; but don’t forget to bring the kids along for them to enjoy the tour along with us!

Are there any special promotions, annual sales, or special events that you'd like to mention?

We consistently hold special events and promotions throughout the year. Our next annual event is the Trunk-Or-Treat event on October 27. This free family event is open to the public. We invite children of all ages to enjoy decorated vehicles and safely trick-or-treat for tasty sweets. Check out our Facebook page for event and promotion details.

Is there any other information you'd like your potential customers/clients to know about your business?

For more than 30 years, the founders of The Learning Experience, the Weissman family, have been positively impacting the lives of children by developing and implementing ground-breaking care and early education programs throughout the country. Starting in 1980 with a single location in Boca Raton, FL, the unique and proprietary programs that the Weissmans developed quickly caught on and expansion soon followed.

Also, many parents are surprised to learn that we offer after school care for ages 6-12 and that we offer extended learning and more memories through our summer camps.

How do you see your business growing and improving over the next couple of years?

As our location continues to grow, I look forward to expanding our learning experiences … maybe even to a second location.

For more information about TLE, visit

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