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Re: Do you believe in soulmates?     10/02/2017
I don't believe in soul mates.  I believe in enduring entrapment.  ... More »
Re: Power outage     09/26/2017
I thought Little Rocket Man sent us an EMP when the lights went out! ... More »
Re: Namibians ask us if we flooded back home and send prayers.     09/25/2017
One week after Harvey my wife and I went to Maine.  One of the restaurants at Bar Harbor was flying... More »
Re: John McCain Bi?     09/02/2017
@jschiner: Oh. You must not be on Obamacare. ... More »
Re: John McCain Bi?     09/02/2017
John McCain goes against Obama on transgender?  That's weird.  Democrats usually don't go against ... More »
Re: Lakewood Church     09/01/2017
This is the guy that didn't open his church for flood victims!!!OR...This is the guy that opened his... More »
Re: Armageddon, 3 Years     06/29/2017
Climate change didn't exist until Al Gore lost his job as VP.  What a scam created by the same guy ... More »
Re: A Waste of Beer...     06/08/2017
That's not beer!  That's liquefied headache in a can!... More »
Re: A warship named "Gabrielle Giffords"?     06/07/2017
Shouldn't they launch it from her ocean front property in Arizona instead of Galveston?  ... More »
Re: Annual check up time...     05/11/2017
Just make sure he doesn't have both hands on your shoulders.... More »
Re: Remember when NYPD murdered an unarmed black male?     05/11/2017
@EvanCarrollAt least you had one take the bait.... More »
Re: Feather brows??     05/09/2017
They say history repeats itself.  The cave woman look is back in baby!... More »
Re: Suspicious boy on bike.     05/08/2017
@John2763Thank you for your service!!... More »
Re: Are You Christian People?     05/08/2017
@shodan66I really wanted to hear what @RE had to say.  But since you explained your viewpoint on th... More »
Re: Suspicious Negro boy on bike.     05/08/2017
PC police are on their way!   ... More »
Re: Are You Christian People?     05/08/2017
@Retired_Engineer: If the tutor had asked your child about the big bang theory wou... More »
Re: Who knows better?     05/05/2017
That's easy. The government knows exactly how to spend every penny I make.  Give it to illegals, co... More »
Re: Cell phone proximity?     04/30/2017
@RE   I have the same rules you do as far as my cell is concerned.  When my home phone rings I mi... More »
Re: Found Yorkie     04/29/2017
That's a Yorkiepoo.  That's what we have.  Cute boy.... More »
Re: Michelle Mural     04/28/2017
Gosh that looks just like him!... More »

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