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Re: A question for the guys !     04/12/2017
@elguapo: My         wife        used         this        service(San... More »
Re: Why are we paying to maintain the White House?     04/12/2017
I agree with Airguy.  Why are we paying upkeep the White House?  Why aren't the Saudis paying to k... More »
Re: A question for the guys !     04/12/2017
My ex wife used this service quite often.  He had 2 jobs... his other job was her boss.  True stor... More »
Re: What does it mean when your spouse ....     04/11/2017
Have you ever thought maybe your not so much Prince Charming as you are Prince Cash Cow?  Just sayi... More »
Re: Home Alarm companies     04/02/2017
Just a tip especially to the lady folk.  If you don't have a security system in your house or pay f... More »
Re: Bad dreams !     03/10/2017
If you were fighting the beast you definitely missed the rapture.  It's not too late to change that... More »
Re: The cost of Osweiler...     03/09/2017
I don't care what Quarterback they get.  If the Texans don't invest in an offensive line not Quarte... More »
Re: Alien to land UFO on Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday     02/24/2017
Hey, that guy cut my grass last week!  And now he moved to Louisiana. What a fly by night!!!... More »
Re: Word on the street !!     02/16/2017
Great. We need another second string quarterback.  ... More »
Re: No it is not failing     02/15/2017
Climate change is horse hockey.  The reason the glaciers are melting is for one reason.  WE ARE... More »
Re: Houston is a Sanctuary City     02/09/2017
The illegals are part of the Dems voter base. If you don't think they're voting you are sadly mistak... More »
Re: Woman divorces husband because he voted for Trump     02/09/2017
@coco1248: It's Bush's fault!!!!!! ... More »
Re: What time do you get your mail?????     02/09/2017
My mail usually get delivered to my neighbors mail box about 3:30 and we get it from them about a we... More »
Re: North Beats South.....Again!     02/07/2017
@CantStandTex: I agree! This city sucks now that all you POS northerners moved here for a job. As ... More »
Re: One more day!!!!     01/19/2017
@Veritas: Obviously you weren't one of the millions that LOST their insurance they had for years b... More »
Re: One more day!!!!     01/19/2017
@Veritas: Nothing is new???  Tried to buy health care lately?  Tried to find a doctor that will ... More »
One more day!!!!     01/19/2017
One  more day and the POTUSPOS is gone!  YYYYAAAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! ... More »
Re: Obama commutes sentence of a terrorist     01/19/2017
@VeritasYou pull a chain pretty good.  Have to give you that.... More »
Re: Saying goodbye to my Dog     01/18/2017
Sorry to hear that. Very painful.  I hope my dog outlives me so I don't have to go through with tha... More »
Re: Trump, low approval     01/17/2017
@Ebola: Clinton News Network They should be thankful Trump won. At least SNL and Ji... More »

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