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Re: One more day!!!!     01/19/2017
@Veritas: Obviously you weren't one of the millions that LOST their insurance they had for years b... More »
Re: One more day!!!!     01/19/2017
@Veritas: Nothing is new???  Tried to buy health care lately?  Tried to find a doctor that will ... More »
One more day!!!!     01/19/2017
One  more day and the POTUSPOS is gone!  YYYYAAAAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! ... More »
Re: Obama commutes sentence of a terrorist     01/19/2017
@VeritasYou pull a chain pretty good.  Have to give you that.... More »
Re: Saying goodbye to my Dog     01/18/2017
Sorry to hear that. Very painful.  I hope my dog outlives me so I don't have to go through with tha... More »
Re: Trump, low approval     01/17/2017
@Ebola: Clinton News Network They should be thankful Trump won. At least SNL and Ji... More »
Re: Obama has good advise for Trump     01/17/2017
It's not hard to go forward when we've been speeding in reverse for 8 years.  I thank God Almighty ... More »
Re: Never Democrat again!     01/16/2017
If you want to see the "Light" you have to vote "Right". ... More »
Re: Still battling eye glass RX problems     01/12/2017
I would recommend going to an ophthalmologist over an optometrist.  There is a lot of difference be... More »
Re: The Playoffs BABY!!!!!!!!! Go Texans!!!!!     01/07/2017
@PedroDePacas: Good one Pedro.  when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor.  lol ... More »
Re: It's been confirmed     01/07/2017
Putin should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for keeping that demon and horn dog husband... More »
Re: Voted Trump, you Nazi according to...     12/28/2016
What if you're gay and voted for Trump?... More »
Re: Riddle me this:     12/28/2016
The same thing is said about how much athletes make.  You don't hear anyone complaining how much ac... More »
Re: Ben Carson     12/15/2016
@mulmye: Your acquaintances tell you he is weird? One track minded?  Who are these people who k... More »
Re: Voting investigation?     12/11/2016
@Spork: How does a hacked email account affect the number of votes counted? ... More »
Re: Voting investigation?     12/11/2016
The sad fact about a Republican president is they spend most of their term fixing the screw ups the ... More »
Re: Voting investigation?     12/11/2016
@Stealth83: Thanks, I looked but missed it. ... More »
Voting investigation?     12/11/2016
Is the organization investigating voter fraud only checking to see if the voting machines were ha... More »
Re: HEB had these     12/11/2016
@sweetie: Have you eaten sausage lately.  Guess where the casing comes from.  Transportation f... More »
Re: Did ya see it? (on KWD)     11/24/2016
In 2016 it is a peace sign.  During the Vietnam war in the 60's it was the footprint of the Ameri... More »

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