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Re: when another man calls you baby?     10/13/2017
Respond with Hey sweetheart!lol... More »
Re: Energy Drinks     10/13/2017
@ZMAN you would be surprised at the number of ER visits teens have because of energy drinks.  These... More »
Re: Energy Drinks     10/13/2017
@Puss In Boots, esp teens!  These things are so not safe.  ... More »
Re: Amazon dealing with Porch Pirates     10/12/2017
Hell no.You have no way of knowing when these people would come into your house.  Just 1 million % ... More »
Re: Some good karma     10/12/2017
I think @Chrisinkingwood needs to put together a coffee table book.  The pictures would be as lovel... More »
Re: What color?     10/12/2017
Mac desktop and ipad both show seafoam and gray.@Traveler500, I see the toe thing now:)... More »
Re: What color?     10/12/2017
@Traveler500 I don't see the yellow at all. @David18 yeah you are wrong 😂  As a male I am guess... More »
Re: What color?     10/12/2017
Sea foam and gray. ... More »
Re: G'nite all.     10/12/2017
Sweet dreams😘  Get a good nights sleep and some rest  tomorrow. ... More »
Re: Doggie ear cleaner     10/12/2017
I use to use Swimmers Ear, you can grab from any drug store or grocery store, and use that for my la... More »
Re: Boy Scouts Allow Girls to Join     10/12/2017
Boy Scouts will be over now.  Just unreal to me that people think that is OK.If the girls aren't ha... More »
Re: Where's Herron?     10/12/2017
@TXtransplant how are things?  How is your mom?Nice to see you posting again:)... More »
Re: Clinton in serious back pedal mode!     10/12/2017
What is really scary, is the O let his dd do an internship with the Weinstein group.  I am really s... More »
Re: Boy Scouts Allow Girls to Join     10/12/2017
When women's sports draw the crowds and endorsements that men's sports do, their pay will go up acco... More »
Re: Boy Scouts Allow Girls to Join     10/11/2017
I really don't get the reason for any of this.Yes the girls can join, but they will be in separate d... More »
Re: Lake restaurants     10/11/2017
Hopefully by Christmas the stores will be back.  ... More »
Re: Hobby lobby     10/11/2017
The Hobby Lobby at the new shopping center in New Caney is wonderful.  Don't plan to have to go to ... More »
Re: Bellagio hotel shooting the same night     10/11/2017
@sweetie, they did:)  No their house, like most here, just got to where the moisture level is where... More »
Re: Lamb of God School on 1960 Warning     10/11/2017
Thanks for sharing this.  Parents in this situation do need to be aware of this.  I have never hea... More »
Re: National Coming Out Day........     10/11/2017
Well @lola that dress should cover us any tats on the arms:)Maybe pair with some leggings?  ... More »

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