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Re: The Clubs Of Kingwood Issues Statement     07/08/2017
@cador, I don't blame them. I wont be there the day they open the club up for the local riff raff. ¬... More »
Re: 4th of JULY DO OVER     07/08/2017
@podunk, yes on that weekend you can wear white. ¬†It is after Labor Day that no white pants are to ... More »
Re: BIRTH CERTIFICATE     07/08/2017
I hate to be mean, but how in the heck did you lose both? ¬†You guard those 2 things more than your ... More »
Re: The Clubs Of Kingwood Issues Statement     07/08/2017
As always KCC is a class act.Several other posters, not so muchVery generous offer from the Club, an... More »
Re: Town Center Fireworks     07/08/2017
@BooBear, I am dying! ¬†How hilarious:) ¬†Now I know you are the one that made sure the fire works w... More »
Re: Town Center Fireworks     07/07/2017
Oh come on @BooBear, after a week with you, not seeing fireworks is the least traumatizing thing tha... More »
Hot one today     07/07/2017
@TXtransplant you know you were wish you were here right now:)111 with the heat index right now. ¬†H... More »
Re: CPR course     07/07/2017
Does Lone Star offer courses in this too?... More »
Re: My wife in hospital     07/07/2017
@ctl74, he said right now he is OK. ¬†I will check on him tomorrow to make sure he is good as far as... More »
Re: Prayer request     07/07/2017
@lola, so glad to read this.Many prayers going out your way:)... More »
Re: Extending Kingwood Drive     07/07/2017
I am thinking we could get our own Buccees too. ¬†No more having to rub elbows with the peasants. ¬†... More »
Re: Question for the Tech Savvy     07/07/2017
We got a new router recently, ¬†and it took care of all of our issues with Suddenlink. ¬†So that cou... More »
Re: My wife in hospital     07/07/2017
Oh I will send her a text now.Do you need anything at all @Retired_Engineer? ¬†Can I take you lunch?... More »
Re: Interviews     07/07/2017
@CBP210, for sure you can still post here from where ever you get:)Best of luck to you. ¬†That is a ... More »
Re: Trump Putin photo op very encouraging - seemed respectful of one another ......     07/07/2017
I wish the press would be honest about the thugs protesting at the G20 summit. ¬†They are over 2 mil... More »
Re: Town Center Fireworks     07/07/2017
What is there to update?Like @allymansfield and @buffaloglenn said, it is done and did. ¬†... More »
Re: Town Center Fireworks     07/07/2017
@clizo, KCC paid for the bulk of the fireworks. ¬†They let them be shot from their property, mostly ... More »
Re: 4th celebration     07/06/2017
@ForeCPA90, let us know how much everyone owes that went. ¬†Then we can work on how much each of the... More »
Re: Thursday's Giveaway     07/06/2017
And this post will not count towards the win.Glance over the rules:) ¬†Then post like mad... More »
Re: Town Center Fireworks     07/06/2017
Wow we go from petty whining to full boar @sshat.Tony should get a raise. ¬†If this is the type of p... More »

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