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Re: Experince with Nursing Homes in Area     01/18/2017
@kjshafer, the key is for family for to show up daily.  When the staff knows someone is coming dail... More »
Re: Two-hour plus commute - Kingwood into Downtown     01/18/2017
@Stealth83, I was wondering what all the coffee drinkers were doing in that traffic this am:)At some... More »
Re: I can't believe the BS that comes out of the worst president... Obama     01/18/2017
@thegoodwife, I hear it and smh.  But if you watch, the press laps it up.  It is scary that so man... More »
Re: Road Conditions     01/18/2017
@SmurfySuzi, my mom always was too.  She worked at our local hospital.  So in snow, they would sen... More »
Re: Kingwood Park and Ride: any schedule info?     01/18/2017
@Nurse3, yeah, today would be a miss day for sure!  Her professors will understand. What a mess it... More »
Re: Road Conditions     01/18/2017
@SmurfySuzi, stay home:)I do hope the streets clear up, but it looks like solid rain all day today. ... More »
Re: HOV is closed     01/18/2017
@buffaloglenn, hope you can turn around soon and get back home!Dh was supposed to be downtown for a ... More »
Re: Road Conditions     01/18/2017
@Annie, you are too funny.  But yes, new rain boots make the day:)... More »
Re: Friday celebration     01/17/2017
Tell me about it.  I would have to have her take me to the Galleria shopping:)... More »
Re: Hidden Kingwood Treasures     01/17/2017
@2kidsandadog, not an hour away, but still, Fredricksberg, is awesome.  You can take the kids to En... More »
Re: Friday celebration     01/17/2017
@yankeejessica, same thing happened to me last time I drank Margarita's.  It has been over 6 months... More »
Re: Best Thing You Ever Got At A Yard Sale?     01/17/2017
@beastmode when I lived in VA, there was one lady that did this as a job.  She showed up and would ... More »
Re: Trump, low approval     01/17/2017
@coco1248 we will see the real numbers in less than a month.  Once Trump is in office, CNN will pos... More »
Re: 1985 Abduction Case Solved     01/17/2017
@robertinkingwood, I know there are statue of limitation on some things, that is why I was asking. ... More »
Re: Best Thing You Ever Got At A Yard Sale?     01/17/2017
While in VA, I got The Way To Cook, by Julia Child.  Hardback, brand new for $1!  That is a $50 bo... More »
Re: Trump impeachment     01/17/2017
I don't think the Rep would be stupid enough to do this.  They like being in power.  They hate Tru... More »
Re: Vietnamese Sandwich     01/17/2017
@FoFa, for the first time I can actually say Thanks!  And like, mean it:)I had no idea what the hec... More »
Re: Friday celebration     01/17/2017
@donnatella, the inauguration:)... More »
Re: When did the temps drop?     01/17/2017
Pipes were busting last week, this week we are back to warm wet weather.  It is actually not awful ... More »
Re: Friday celebration     01/17/2017
I will be smiling all day.  Just knowing how irrational the left is over this, brings me endless jo... More »

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