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Re: Gas Station.     08/27/2017
@ET I was thinking the same thing.  Highly doubtful any company will be requiring workers to come i... More »
Re: Price Gouging $42 For A Case of Water     08/27/2017
That is nothing, go to Nutcracker Market and try to buy a bottle of water. Or a small combo meal fro... More »
Re: Kingwood Drive Flooding     08/26/2017
@CC1974, I imagine there is a lot of standing water on it if the front of Kingwood is the getting th... More »
Re: Is that a bayou? No it's Holly Hall @ 288     08/26/2017
@buffaloglenn, that is downright scary!Tomorrow is going to be a for sure stay inside kinda day.... More »
Re: Here comes more...     08/26/2017
We have it coming down hard in Sand Creek right now.... More »
Re: Lake Conroe release     08/26/2017
@fmartin931, if your neighbors told you ya'll were fine, and you spoke to the management at your com... More »
Re: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Dead?     08/26/2017
O M G!I nearly did have a heart attack reading this @BooBear!Whew, so glad it wasn't catastrophic ne... More »
Re: Check out this house     08/26/2017
The thought of removing that wallpaper from the ceiling makes me ill:)... More »
Re: Weather Hype: Better Safe Than Sorry, Or NO THANKS?     08/26/2017
@ET, you would think after Ike, that everyone here would always be prepared for a Hurricane in Augus... More »
Re: Anything else brewing?     08/26/2017
We aren't done with this one yet.  I hope they are wrong and we don't get anymore rain. But I imagi... More »
Re: Price Gouging $42 For A Case of Water     08/26/2017
If this is reported, the poor sob's who are doing this are in for a massive fine.  I got no sympath... More »
Re: Replacing Carpet     08/26/2017
@mm4731, wow, they never went back and fixed your grout or that?!... More »
Re: I need an umbrella....     08/26/2017
@TexasOma, I am lmao!I can hear you saying that too.  LOL... More »
Re: Preparing for Harvey: How Much Did You Spend?     08/26/2017
@AltF4, we all do the best we can.  Just you going by to see about them probably made them happier ... More »
Re: Was watching the news     08/26/2017
We were watching the weather station for a few minutes last night.  Jim Cantore whatever, was in Co... More »
Was watching the news     08/26/2017
and realized the rest of the US is going on with their daily lives.  Don't they know we have bad we... More »
Re: It's official, I'm stage 4 drunk     08/26/2017
Post of the day @ForeCPA90!  LOL... More »
Re: Currently how is north park?     08/26/2017
I am not thanking that post naked Santa.  ... More »
Re: Currently how is north park?     08/26/2017
Oh there were issues @mm4731.  And they start with Santa not having clothes.... More »
Re: Preparing for Harvey: How Much Did You Spend?     08/26/2017
@AltF4, I have found it way easier to just buy things like that and take it to the elderly.  They l... More »

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