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Re: I watched Captain Kangeroo     05/15/2017
@magnoliamam, my dh's aunt lived on Walton's Mountain.  We use to visit them every year:)  Their i... More »
Re: Suddenlink     05/15/2017
Suddenlink has a monopoly in our area because of a contract they signed when they first came to King... More »
Re: I miss Tita's Taco House     05/14/2017
Hey now we have to be nice to @BooBear, when I needed a buddy at close to midnight she was right the... More »
Re: To the crazy lady that almost hit me and her Mercedes     05/14/2017
Was it a white Mercedes?  If so, I think she is a realtor.  She use to pick up kids at Deerwood, a... More »
Re: Solicitation     05/14/2017
I have a No Soliciting sign on my door.  And they still ring the bell.  I go to the door, and yell... More »
Re: Any recommendations for 2 years old Kid Birthday with water theme?     05/14/2017
@squirtismyboy, I was thinking the same thing.  For a 2 yr olds party, that would be perfect.... More »
Re: Any recommendations for 2 years old Kid Birthday with water theme?     05/14/2017
If you want a water park, KCC is the only option in Kingwood. But several of the villages here have... More »
Re: Happy Mothers Day     05/14/2017
Oh thanks @SwaggyG:)... More »
Re: Happy Mother's day to all the KDC mom's out there     05/14/2017
Thanks @mm4731, also known as Naked Santa:)And everyone else.... More »
Re: Yummm     05/14/2017
Yes @FoFa, my world is now right side up:)... More »
Re: Electricians     05/13/2017
That is him @sweetie, I sent @yankeejessica his contact info.  He is the best in our area, imo:)... More »
Re: Yummm     05/13/2017
@FoFa, you are freaking me out.  Are you doing OK?  I mean this wasn't cow brains wrapped in eel. ... More »
Re: Concrete Company?     05/13/2017
Thanks for that @Andreweggplant, I always like knowing who to avoid:)@frebu, if I could thank your p... More »
Re: What's a good front yard tree     05/13/2017
A dogwood is great, you can get them in white and pinkA Confederate Rose, prettiest pink flowers eve... More »
Re: The Rock Gives Acting Lessons     05/13/2017
He can do no wrong in my book:)... More »
Re: Mother's Day Brunch or Dinner Suggestions     05/13/2017
@Bubbles, it will be difficult to get in anywhere this late.   I doubt anyone is even taking reserv... More »
Re: How dark are you?     05/13/2017
@BooBear, you did not!Did you let your granddaughter take the quiz for you?... More »
Re: How dark are you?     05/13/2017
Way better Trump than the pos Hillary.  Not even the White House cleaning staff wanted the Clintons... More »
Re: Concrete Company?     05/13/2017
@Andreweggplant please let me know who is on the do not use list!I have to have some sections of my ... More »
Re: How dark are you?     05/13/2017
I don't think I will comment.  It is like @BooBear took this test for me, and these were her result... More »

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