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Re: Nutella.....     01/12/2017
@ET, go stand on a corner and let people throw more money at you. @BooBear needs one boob.... More »
@sweetie, @BooBear said she can pay for one. So we just need to get her the money for one. Not even... More »
Re: good morning!!!     01/12/2017
@Ray, I sure do wish we could get a bit more cooler weather.  Not cold, like we just survived for 3... More »
@Ebola, they all started out Chinese but we converted them to Texans as fast as we could:)... More »
Re: Kingwood Dairy Queen     01/12/2017
I love their dipped cones.  And right now the place is super clean, because it is new.  But I can'... More »
Re: Nutella.....     01/12/2017
This is what you get by trying to make chocolate some kind of health food.  Chocolate needs no help... More »
Re: Kingwood is getting a....     01/12/2017
@SwaggyG, I am with you on Chelsea's. I don't eat there though, because there is never room to sit d... More »
Re: An update from Safety44     01/12/2017
Let him know if he needs anyone to watch his house to let us know.  I just hate that happened to hi... More »
Re: Marco Rubio and his Chronies     01/12/2017
Rubio is another one that showed us his true colors in the Primaries.  I think he has potential, bu... More »
Re: Kingwood is getting a....     01/11/2017
@TEXANSCHICK, I do love their subs. I just have to go and order my food right when they open and tak... More »
Re: Kingwood is getting a....     01/11/2017
I like Firehouse Subs. But the place is weird steamy if you don't get there right when they open.  ... More »
Re: Is there any real news?     01/11/2017
We have subscribed to IBD for years.  Best news ever.  They cut down their papers to one a week, a... More »
Re: Kingwood is getting a....     01/11/2017
Never have been to one.  What kind of food do they have?... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner     01/11/2017
@donnatella as usual you are the best:)@Ann2800, the biscuits and grilled chicken will hopefully hel... More »
Re: Triple D     01/11/2017
@Retired_Engineer, I stopped by this thread to see if @FoFa found a good sale on bras.  When you ar... More »
Re: Buyer Beware!!! KB Homes related     01/11/2017
It could also be new people moving in and installing pools.  Not all pool companies will grade the ... More »
Re: Lola     01/11/2017
@thegoodwife, you can bet @lola birthday would be all about the shenanigans. And knowing her, she wo... More »
Re: Go, Ted Cruz!     01/11/2017
There was no lie to buy into. Applying common sense isn't difficult.  No Cruz is not suppose to hav... More »
Re: 59/69 Roadwork This Weekend     01/11/2017
Thanks for the heads up @djcahvez0921.  Good weekend to stay home or head to 99 and go to the Woodl... More »

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