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Re: Yamas Fusion Sushi is Opening in Kingwood     03/15/2017
@Annie, nope, JJ China is further up the road where the new Kroger went.... More »
Re: YESSSSS!!!!!     03/15/2017
Exactly what I was thinking @BooBear, what could go wrong with this plan?  We are going to make mil... More »
Re: What is going on with Kingwood?!!!     03/15/2017
@gigem09, it really is the perfect place imo.My dh's aunt and uncle have a little over 300 acres tha... More »
Re: YESSSSS!!!!!     03/15/2017
@BooBear, we would clearly have to hire underage kids to serve the product and drive us around.  Th... More »
Re: YESSSSS!!!!!     03/15/2017
@BooBear this is just genius!@sweetie, I thought it would be great to have a  wine/margarita truck ... More »
Re: Nest Thermostat     03/15/2017
@foxymama, and @lola will do a friend a solid while in New Orleans during Mardi Gras:)lola is the be... More »
Re: What is going on with Kingwood?!!!     03/15/2017
@beastmode, all homes are money pits.  The way you are doing your remodeling is the smart way.  Do... More »
Re: Home warranty plans     03/15/2017
Amen to that @northeasterntransplant and @foxymama.  They are just such a waste of money.  And if ... More »
Re: Put in an offer on a sweet house     03/15/2017
@foxymama, you will love having that much land!  Country living with all the benefits of city life ... More »
Re: up date on Kentucky weather.....     03/15/2017
@WJo, yeah, it wasn't a great day in Chicago yesterday.  Today is supposed to warm up some.  He is... More »
Re: Home warranty plans     03/15/2017
@ZMAN, amen to that!I hate that I paid for mine as long as I did.  They replaced a couple of things... More »
Re: What is going on with Kingwood?!!!     03/15/2017
@podunk, people are buying up the houses and then building new ones on the lot.  Most live in the o... More »
@Annie     03/15/2017
Thought of you and your dh on Sunday.We went to eddie V's for dinner.  Wow.  You would totally lov... More »
Re: Weed help     03/15/2017
I had some weed that kept coming up.  I was at my wits end.  My yard guys would pull them up weekl... More »
Re: Weed help     03/15/2017
@Annie, post of the day!I am lmao!At this point I am scared to get rid of some of the weeds in my ya... More »
@Jpgurl     03/15/2017
Girl what happened?  You fell at a race last week?Oh no, I hope you and your bike are all OK and on... More »
Re: Mountain Life     03/15/2017
@Staylifted, LOVE this pictures!  Elvis is just a beautiful beautiful dog:)  I love that harness y... More »
Re: 2nd Dickey's BBQ Opening In Kingwood     03/15/2017
@FoFa, Longhorn Steak house, over by Deerbrook, has fried okra that is to die for.  They do not use... More »
Re: How much is a new driveway running these days?     03/14/2017
@ET, no but an outdoor kitchen would be fun to show off than a new driveway.  Of course, 10K wouldn... More »
Re: Good Electrician.     03/14/2017
Absolutely 100%.  For every one person that loves their, there are 1000 that hate them and are suin... More »

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