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Re: Fidel Castro has died!     11/27/2016
@Burnsway, always funny to have someone who isn't Christian telling someone who is how to think, act... More »
Re: walking the dog     11/27/2016
@Retired_Engineer loves to get exercise:)... More »
Re: Magical Winter Lights     11/27/2016
@Stealth83, where is this at?  It looks so pretty!... More »
Re: Powerball lottery     11/27/2016
If we want things done right, @sweetie we have to do them ourselves!  LOL... More »
Re: Powerball lottery     11/27/2016
@sweetie, watch it lady!Don't make me take you to Nutcracker next year!... More »
Re: Powerball lottery     11/27/2016
@sweetie, heck no!  We would be on the first plane out!  lolDarn it, at least the winning state st... More »
Re: Coach Herman leaving     11/27/2016
@Spork, don't wish him here.  There are major reasons no one will touch him for a HC job.  He is p... More »
Re: Super Bowl LI pot!!!     11/26/2016
@Wooderson, I won like a Boss on Thanksgiving:)I love the pots @squirtismyboy puts together.  ... More »
Re: Clowns Are Misunderstood     11/26/2016
I will not thank that @ET.  I use to cower behind the couch when Bozo was on. I really disliked him... More »
Re: Coach Herman leaving     11/26/2016
@Spork.  I can't believe you wrote that.WTH?No one wants that low down lily livered sack of crap in... More »
Re: Reccomedations for a family doctor     11/26/2016
@goldie my dh used Daniels too.  I like his office and staff too.... More »
Re: McDonald's on North Park     11/26/2016
@mutton, not one of my boys has ever eaten a hamburger from any fast food place.  They will get an ... More »
Re: Might need to check on my neighbors     11/26/2016
yeah @BooBear, I would just go by and make sure they are all alive.Could be your dh's granny's ghost... More »
Re: McDonald's on North Park     11/26/2016
@angelpie, when you go back, just sit there until you check your entire order out.  Sometimes we ha... More »
Re: At what age do you stop letting your kids win games?     11/26/2016
2dotti573, no one likes to lose:)Keep making her work to win. And if she loses and gets upset, you c... More »
Re: Clowns Are Misunderstood     11/26/2016
I am not even going to click on that!I will say, the article is probably wrong.  If you see a clown... More »
Re: Hostess Gift     11/25/2016
Hallmark has some really cute kitchen towels with funny sayings on them.  They are cute ideaAnd I l... More »
Re: Verizon Holy Cow     11/25/2016
I hate to go into any of the phone stores.  The service is slow.AT&T in the back of Kingwood, i... More »
Re: Thanksgiving is over---well, almost.     11/25/2016
Well it is a great day on Wall Street:)  Markets love Trump so far.He is picking some great people.... More »
Re: My BF shopping experience     11/25/2016
@ET I just don't see how anyone goes out and waits in line or camps out, to save 20% on anything.  ... More »

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