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Re: KISS concert for KHS     09/26/2017
Thanks for posting that @shodan66.   My oldest is in Chamber. I didn't know you had a son in orches... More »
Re: KISS concert for KHS     09/26/2017
It was @shodan66.  Jr and Sr first.  There will he busses to take them.  Parents will have to pic... More »
Re: Brick Repair     09/25/2017
It took me a long time to find a brick person.  Now I didn't have them fix my brick mailbox that ma... More »
Re: Brick Repair     09/25/2017
@gigem09 only one person was unhappy with the floor guy. And they did go back and redo the grout.  ... More »
Re: KISS concert for KHS     09/25/2017
Yes the orchestra kids had 40 tickets given to them. The first 40 to sign up got to go. They were g... More »
Re: Brandon Tatum destroys the NFL     09/25/2017
@Ruger5, they do not carry it on Suddenlink.  You need to call Suddenlink and ask for it.  Then ma... More »
Re: Brandon Tatum destroys the NFL     09/25/2017
@JustUsNow, well said!... More »
Re: Brick Repair     09/25/2017
Mr. Brick of Houston.These guys are true artists.  You cannot tell that any work has been done afte... More »
Re: Dust dust dust and more dust!     09/25/2017
@donnatella and @dotti573, we were told the same thing.  We buy the cheap air filters and change th... More »
Re: Fallon     09/25/2017
If I could post a picture of a ballon popping I would @nycoil!  Or an arrow.  That would work too.... More »
Re: Fallon     09/25/2017
I have read that story so many time and never saw the "dressed as a clown" part!Holy cow it would be... More »
Re: Randalls rumor     09/25/2017
@ZMAN, perfectly said!I always have to check the expiration dates there. And their dairy section suc... More »
Re: When trees damage your home should you need HOA approval to remove them?     09/25/2017
@Chrisinkingwood, just send them a letter back saying you and your wife are out of the country right... More »
Re: Texans STAND and lock arms during anthem     09/25/2017
What is really disgusting is to see the cowards, I mean teams, go to the UK, and kneel for the US An... More »
Re: Battle of the Sexes....     09/25/2017
@ZMAN, oh no, I watch movies I know the ending too all the time. But sad movies, where a ship hits a... More »
Re: Up early     09/25/2017
@Ray, that is because Jan is a wise women:)You are still doing 80% of the work.  And you are paying... More »
Re: Who Makes Dog Collars?     09/25/2017
I think it is @alleymansfield.... More »
Re: Battle of the Sexes....     09/24/2017
Sort of like the Titanic. Never saw that one either. Knew the ending.  Like you @Jpgurl I remember ... More »
Re: Grocery delivery while you’re not home     09/24/2017
@OldGuy is that a picture of you? 😂... More »

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