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Re: IFly in the woodlands     06/02/2017
That is because you are the best:)You remembered the subliminal messages to tell your gd?  You are ... More »
Re: Minions on the loose     06/02/2017
And this is why I sent out my warning to everyone earlier this week:)High schools got out at 11;25, ... More »
Re: Nuts or what? Beheaded Trump     06/02/2017
Kathy totally played the victim in her conference.  Said never has a citizen been gone after more t... More »
Re: Need Shrimp Like This     06/02/2017
I will not thank that @FoFa!No I will not.@Jpgurl, dh thought he finally found a fried chicken leg. ... More »
Re: Gutters     06/02/2017
@ZMAN, my dh told me I should have used some sentence enhancers as I showed him out the door:)   He... More »
Gutters     06/02/2017
So, I found a company to come out and give me a quote.Dear Lord, I will never get gutters if they ar... More »
Re: Gulf Shores.     06/02/2017
Do a half day deep sea fishing.  If your kids are old enough:)  Just be prepared, they are usually... More »
Re: Rain, Rain come this way     06/02/2017
@deltadawn, I was just going to ask how you were feeling.  Same thing here.  My jaw is even hurtin... More »
Re: Need Shrimp Like This     06/02/2017
@FoFa, my dh eats those when he is in Indonesia and Malaysia areas.  He hates them.  He loves shri... More »
Re: Rain, Rain come this way     06/02/2017
It is my fault we haven't gotten any yet.  I rolled my planters out from under the patio.  Pretty ... More »
Re: Mark Ryan     06/02/2017
@Diversity, he is the best.  Honest and you can trust him to be in your home.  I know ther... More »
Re: Need funeral home and cemetery recommendations     06/02/2017
Kingwood Funeral Home, Darst Funeral Home, and Rosewood Funeral Home are all good.Kingwood Funeral H... More »
Re: Newbie here     06/02/2017
@April1997, Welcome to Kingwood!And to KDC:)... More »
Re: Hin's is the worst     06/02/2017
@Champagnechola, girl, if the bathroom isn't clean, esp the hallway leading to said bathroom, you ha... More »
Re: Well Peaches is at it again     06/02/2017
She may have found a new outlet, here on KDC...... More »
Re: Hey Libs Trump is pulling out of the Paris agreements     06/02/2017
@beastmode absolutely!  The press never covers this essential fact.  ... More »
Re: Life Tips     06/02/2017
Oh, I can do that too.  I don't want you to mess up your nails:)I drive the fastest of all of us to... More »
Re: Uber losing serious money     06/02/2017
@ET, no joke!  The kids could make some money on the side, and after being there, I think they need... More »
Re: Life Tips     06/02/2017
@BooBear, that is so true! And I will volunteer to hold her purse:)  The one she got at Christmas,... More »
Re: Life Tips     06/02/2017
I think @yankeejessica would want in on this action @BooBear.  She has to visit family sometimes to... More »

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