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Re: Unbelievable!     06/06/2017
I am guessing she is sitting in traffic and not going anywhere.  So glad I do not have a commute:)... More »
Re: Unbelievable!     06/06/2017
Why on earth would someone ruin their Denali to do that?... More »
Re: Mod Pizza     06/06/2017
@sweetie, in Atascosita.  Over by the bounce house place, and the party supply store, not Party Cit... More »
Re: Men's Fashion     06/06/2017
Amen to that @mm4731.@sweetie, Can't be @Authorman, no dogs are in either photo.  I think his d... More »
Re: Men's Fashion     06/06/2017
I don't know @sweetie, could be @OldGuy in the first picture.  Maybe he got dressed without his gla... More »
Re: Men's Fashion     06/06/2017
Can't be @ZMAN, I don't see him taking more time to get ready than his wife, or using more hair prod... More »
Re: Men's Fashion     06/06/2017
Can't be @mm4731, he is apparently into nudity lately.And I am thinking @podunk wouldn't have anywhe... More »
Re: Men's Fashion     06/06/2017
@FoFa I know that can't be you, no beard.  @ET is that you?!?I could be @buffaloglenn, but since he... More »
Re: Mallards     06/06/2017
@Jpgurl, no he isn't in CO.  I think OH, or one of those states in that area.  Wow those are great... More »
Re: Cat in a box     06/06/2017
@dotti573, that rug was a great win!It looks brand new still!... More »
Re: New Mexican Restaurant     06/06/2017
Heck yeah @princecharming.  Their asada's are all wonderful.  Their shrimp tacos are to die for. ... More »
Re: Climate Change     06/06/2017
@ET, I can only agree with the banning of federal money for any representative to fly to a climate c... More »
Re: Ferns on Roof     06/06/2017
@FoFa, if you have any limbs hanging over the roof you need to have them cut back.  It does help pr... More »
Re: Canvas prints where to buy?     06/06/2017
@pickels what size do you want it in?Walgreens canvases come wrapped around a nice solid surface.  ... More »
Re: Canvas prints where to buy?     06/05/2017
Walgreens!  They are less than 40 depending on the size you get.... More »
Re: Cleaning the Dishwasher 🤢     06/05/2017
@2danes, I had a sorority sister that did laundry for the first time on her own at college.  We wer... More »
Re: Toll fees from KIngwood to the woodlands?     06/05/2017
@Andreweggplant, you can save like $2 by not getting on 99 from 59, but from 1314.... More »
Re: Toll fees from KIngwood to the woodlands?     06/05/2017
99 is just insane faster.  And with 1/10 of the traffic as any other road.  Worth every effort for... More »
Re: Hank Williams Jr MNF Gig Back     06/05/2017
ESPN, is doing everything they can to get their ratings back up.  People were sick of tuning in and... More »
Re: Sam's Boat coming......     06/05/2017
@ZMAN, I have family out of state and they always ask me about stuff in Katy. I am like that is anot... More »

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