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Re: Where to get hearing tested?     09/30/2017
@Cajunmom, can you answer this one?lmao:)@donnatella, you think Cajun will know a place?... More »
Re: The Hashbrown Slasher     09/30/2017
@Puss In Boots, the Sandy episode where she misses Texas is our favorite.  The first time we ever s... More »
Re: Puerto Rico crisis     09/30/2017
It works both ways.  Why isn't anything the US is doing enough?  Will it ever be?  ET has said th... More »
Re: Forty-one percent of flooded homes outside of flood plains     09/30/2017
The best way to find out what they don't cover is to have a flood, hurricane, fire or other random a... More »
Re: Puerto Rico crisis     09/30/2017
Exactly @CBP210.  There are way too many examples of corruption that comes to light in cases li... More »
Re: Plumber Recomendations?     09/30/2017
Thanks for this info @Puss In Boots.I am really impressed they go to you so quick. I figured with th... More »
Re: Puerto Rico crisis     09/30/2017
@podunk, I am still disgusted with the people that couldn't wait to make fun of the rednecks dressed... More »
Re: Texans Titans     09/30/2017
@ET, I thought that last year when Kapernick was kneeling.But the more that took a knee when the fla... More »
Re: The Hashbrown Slasher     09/30/2017
OMG @Puss In Boots!  Loved that episode.  So happy we have Sponge Bob back on Suddenstink.... More »
Re: Puerto Rico crisis     09/30/2017
We are helping the people there.  And we have been since before the storm hit.  These are just fac... More »
Re: Puerto Rico crisis     09/30/2017
@ET, yeah the whole OMG lets set aside the Jones act so we can get ships there right this second.  ... More »
Re: HEB     09/29/2017
@Reivax the neighborhood Walmart has that cheese.  Same brand.  And Randall's and Kroger does too ... More »
Re: Cheers to my KWC peeps     09/29/2017
@herron1345. That is all I have heard for the last 2 weeks. I had to break bad tonight and go old sc... More »
Re: Texans Titans     09/29/2017
I love football, but I hope this weekend has the lowest ratings ever for NFLI would love to see the ... More »
Re: Ideas for a quick getaway this weekend     09/29/2017
Really?   Watching the NFL, any game.  Painting!  That is the worst.  Weeding the yard.  Cleani... More »
Re: KW Cove Golf Course to be sold for development?     09/29/2017
Can ya'll imagine the flooding had that golf course not been there?No way a builder should be given ... More »
Re: Ideas for a quick getaway this weekend     09/29/2017
@ET, seriously how can you not know about this?  Ask your wife, she will know.  Fixer Upper is the... More »
Re: For any fellow News Junkies     09/29/2017
`9 out of 10.  Like @sweetie, I watch way too many news shows.... More »
Re: Best Italian in Texas??     09/29/2017
@ET, you have to lead off with garlic knots.  This is Texas and we are talking about good Italian f... More »
Re: Protesting during the Anthem     09/29/2017
Stub Hub is offering a 10% discount on all NFL tickets.  Like the TN Titans player said, you don't ... More »

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