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Re: HPD Marine Unit Patrolling Lake Houston     07/01/2017
Glad to see this.  I hope everyone out on the lake today is being safe.  ... More »
Re: ZMAN     07/01/2017
@ZMAN, I forgot to tell you to get some EmergenC.  Take it daily.  It really seems to speed up the... More »
Re: What to get my dad for his 90th birthday??     07/01/2017
@Zokoma, take him on a Sunday drive.  If he was born and raised close by, take him a tour of places... More »
Re: Its H O T out there people!!!     07/01/2017
Thanks to @yankeejessica I had to add What The Forecast to my phone.  And boy has it ever been accu... More »
Re: When did the forum turn into the Classifieds?     07/01/2017
I guess we need to get busy flagging.@yankeejessica, how is your dh?  I can't believe you had to as... More »
Re: Universal studios Hollywood     07/01/2017
@ET, I was talking about the front of Kingwood.  Saltgrass, never less than 30, Papa Seafood, Papac... More »
Re: Crap! Help!!!!     06/30/2017
Maybe the COH would have shown up if you had sent them the picture you sent me and @donnatella?  Sa... More »
Re: Crap! Help!!!!     06/30/2017
@BooBear, POST OF THE MONTH!hilarious!... More »
Re: Fire Works in KW     06/30/2017
@sweetie, I will go do it for you:)I'll set it on his front door at 5 am and knock with an air horn ... More »
Re: I bought a car.     06/30/2017
@ForeCPA90, I wish we there was a trash car company.  I want a new car with all the bells and whist... More »
Re: Prayer request     06/30/2017
Sending prayers your way @lola.  ... More »
Re: Dog Safe Pest Control     06/30/2017
I have used Ballards for years and never had any issue with any of my pets.  I had a dog, bunny (fr... More »
Re: Fire Works in KW     06/30/2017
@imadrummer2k, they are illegal inside COH.  I don't get people walking down a few houses to set th... More »
Re: clothing     06/30/2017
@donnatella, I was thinking the same thing, there must be a contest on.  Very amusing that they don... More »
Re: Goooooood morning!     06/30/2017
Have a great time @sweetie!... More »
Re: I bought a car.     06/30/2017
@pickles, the seat heaters and coolers are a godsend!My lower back gives me fits sometimes.  All yo... More »
Re: Fire Works in KW     06/30/2017
@Annie, turn your sprinklers on when they start:)... More »
Re: I bought a car.     06/30/2017
@pickles Congratulations to you!You don't feel nervous and don't doubt this was the right thing to d... More »
Re: My rotten luck!     06/30/2017
@squirtismyboy, did you get it fixed yet?  I would do the try it myself thing, then take it to my g... More »
Re: Escape Artist escape room game     06/30/2017
I forget they are here!  It is a fun time for a family.  ... More »

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