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Re: Your house, as seen by....     01/15/2017
Amen to that @OldGuy:)... More »
Re: Hooters: All New Respect     01/15/2017
No @donnatella, gotta say, any first date at Hooters, is a sign that the lady needs to find another ... More »
Re: Inauguration     01/15/2017
Wonder where all the crying liberals who went on and on about a peaceful transfer of power when O wa... More »
Re: Ladies got a question     01/15/2017
@cat person, look at Lands End online too.They have the nicest lined wonderful quality suits you can... More »
Re: BB&B Store clearance sale     01/15/2017
@SandyKnee,  I am guessing it is the usual after Christmas sales:)... More »
Re: Trey Gowdy - Representative SC (R)     01/15/2017
@Retired_Engineer,  this is classic Trey Gowdy.There is some old murder show, where he was the lead... More »
Re: Window lady at HEB     01/14/2017
@soxs mom, another reason for me to never hit up HEB.  I avoid the neighborhood Walmart 99% of the ... More »
Re: Painting removed from Nation's Capitol     01/14/2017
Just unreal to me that Lacy Clay ever remotely thought this was a good idea.Just a total lapse of ju... More »
Re: Kolaches     01/14/2017
For sure, but not in 20 threads all started for just that:)... More »
Re: Um, poor thing     01/14/2017
@Stealth83, STOP!  We do not encourage @FoFa.  You know the rules!... More »
Re: Kolaches     01/14/2017
@Burnsway, because she only posts multiple times or any other time when there is a gc on the line:)... More »
Re: Favorite local Mexican restaurant....     01/14/2017
@myevilgrin, if you want great Mexican food, locally, you have to go to Lupe.  Yes, if you don't ge... More »
Re: My newest OMGness moment     01/14/2017
Hey @Txbutterfly, haven't seen you posting in awhile, how have you been?... More »
Re: Bullied on Facebook     01/14/2017
I don't get FB and never plan on it.  But if this is what is your life on FB, maybe it is time to j... More »
Re: MSN fact check Donald news conference     01/13/2017
Exactly.  Strongly suggest. Zero proof.I do agree that they were most likely blank.  And can't im... More »
Re: William Golding     01/13/2017
@CantStandTex, that is because you married a true genius!  And a magician:)  Let her know we all a... More »
Re: Does anyone use the NextDoor app?     01/13/2017
Glad you called that in.  No reason for it.  People are bat crap crazy!... More »
Re: God is Good     01/13/2017
@TexasOma, I always keep that in mind:)  It is good to know people that have heavy machinery, l... More »
Re: Since we're on the topic of fruit trees/bushes...     01/13/2017
If by the end of November they are small, like a lime, and have zero yellow on them, they are limes.... More »
Re: MSN fact check Donald news conference     01/13/2017
So there is zero proof that the papers were blank.  Just supposition.  Love the way the left insis... More »

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