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LesCon     10/18/2017
Gotta say these guys are great.I had some leaks that had to be taken care of, so I finally bit the b... More »
Re: Entrance to Kingwood Traffic     10/18/2017
WLH is such a nightmare, that most kids are taking the beltway to 59 then coming into Kingwood from ... More »
Re: College Football Stadium Question.....     10/18/2017
I love!  We can always get answers here:)... More »
Re: Update     10/18/2017
@Ann2800, so much love is going your way today and everyday.Praying for you to not be in pain and to... More »
Re: HollyHobby     10/17/2017
@HollyHobby, I will be saying some prayers for you.  Nothing is worse than being in pain, and then ... More »
Re: It's only a unicorn......     10/17/2017
I really need @TheChad to get me an emoji that flips people off.  It isn't too much to ask!... More »
Re: Why Such Ugly Comments?     10/17/2017
@DVaz, but Joe runs a tight ship here and doesn't allow things to ever get that far:)  That is some... More »
Re: Contamination or Not?     10/17/2017
@ET, still should call the Mayors office to get some facts.  And we need to keep the Mayor aware th... More »
Re: Contamination or Not?     10/17/2017
@Steven H, may be a good idea to call the Mayors office and see who there can answer these questions... More »
Re: Kid that caught HR ball in Astros Game     10/17/2017
OMG, what an amazing story.  Thanks for posting this @Katzen.What a strong family.  My heart hurts... More »
Re: @SwaggyG....hope     10/17/2017
Glad you posted this @1goatneck.  @SwaggyG, how are you today?  Anymore pain?... More »
Re: Would you reopen?     10/17/2017
@ET, makes you wonder how the builders originally were given the permits to build there to begin wit... More »
Re: Why do they have to explain themselves to anyone?     10/17/2017
@ZMAN, really?  Come on, they turned Waco into a place people actually want to go!  lolYou will kn... More »
Re: Bird     10/16/2017
@donnatella is that a rainbow bunting?   I would love to see one in real life.  This and the green... More »
Re: Motorcyclist/cop chase/shooting (KW Dr / Chestnut Ridge Dr) new gas station     10/16/2017
I was thinking kdcs removal of the picture ... More »
Re: Motorcyclist/cop chase/shooting (KW Dr / Chestnut Ridge Dr) new gas station     10/16/2017
It is a shame that decency and kindness are beyond your grasp. ... More »
Re: Dang Roaches     10/16/2017
O M G you put it in your garbage disposal???  Oh @FoFa, that is just awful!  You can't do that.  ... More »
Re: Car just slammed into Arby's in Porter     10/16/2017
If you have enough alcohol in your system I guess you can eat anywhere.  I know I survived many mea... More »
Re: PTA gone wrong....     10/16/2017
@Brat, and every middle school boy there was howling with laughter:)... More »
Re: I miss Astroworld. :(     10/16/2017
@lisa0044, especially at this time of year.  Amusement parks are so much fun when then weather cool... More »

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