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Re: Women's rights     01/24/2017
If I see one more false story of the pay wage gap I may hurl.It isn't difficult to get the truth.  ... More »
Re: 2 weeks of good weather , now winter is moving our way     01/24/2017
@WJo, how are you and your dh?  I am sending some prayers to both of you:)  I know the end of 2016... More »
Re: Ideas for 100 days in School     01/23/2017
@terilyntex, I love the one with the hearts.  Valentine's day is around the corner and will for... More »
Re: Women's rights     01/23/2017
A lady from the Wall Street Journal wrote an article today on how many groups in the March, were fun... More »
Re: Hamblen road widening     01/23/2017
The hold up on Hamblen road is the speed limit.  Make it 60 :)  And fix the dang pot holes in the ... More »
Re: Trump an example of a gentleman?     01/23/2017
I was too stunned at how poorly Michelle handled the whole gift thing.  It was appalling. She didn... More »
Re: Trump an example of a gentleman?     01/23/2017
I am not sure of the women some of you must know.  I know women with professional degrees.  I have... More »
Re: Women's March     01/22/2017
You and my dh must be twins, he and my boys all tell me that!For some crazy reason, I fix veggies th... More »
Re: Men - recommend your PCP?     01/22/2017
@ctl74, 20 years ago, my dh lost all energy.  He would sit down and be asleep in a minute.  I fina... More »
Re: Damnit! Murphys Law.     01/22/2017
@TXtransplant do you need us to check on you every few hours?  I hope you are feeling better.... More »
Re: Women's March     01/22/2017
@podunk, is your dog in the passenger seat?  And is the honky tonk beside a RR track?... More »
Re: My soul yearns....     01/22/2017
@Ann2800, many prayers are going out to you every single day.You are right, @herron1345 does seem to... More »
Re: Women's rights     01/22/2017
Not a dang thing!If these women are suffering now, it has to be because of O.  He was President for... More »
Re: Many Thanks for the new Polo, @KingwoodDotcom     01/22/2017
@FoFa why didn't you get one for Echo?Thanks for doing this @KDC.  The polo is exceptional quality!... More »
Re: Women's March     01/22/2017
@podunk, that is because you are married to a genius.  She should oppress you.  Just you personall... More »
Re: Inauguration Crowd Size     01/22/2017
Mr. Barrack said he had no idea of the exact number of people, he gave an estimate.  As has been do... More »
Re: Stolen bike     01/22/2017
@farrell, be sure to go by the police substation.They have a room full of bikes, that people find on... More »
Re: Violence in DC     01/22/2017
@sweetie, it freaks me out every time!I really like what @TOJ posts, but man that avatar if straight... More »
Re: Snow Angel     01/22/2017
Just have to love a lab:)... More »
Re: Kellyanne Conway     01/22/2017
By all means lets not celebrate a woman who just made history.  God no.Lets beat her down.  That w... More »

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