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Re: Powerful Video     10/21/2017
That was evil @FoFa.  I can't watch stuff like that.  My heart hurts now.  ... More »
Re: Fire and Ice Festival     10/21/2017
That new stadium is amazing!  If you haven't been to a game there you just have to.  So clean and ... More »
Re: Caera, why sensor size matters (as one part)     10/21/2017
O M GOSH!Love it.That is the one thing I miss since I switched to an iphone.  Having a good camera.... More »
Re: ~ Happy, Happy Birthday @yankeejessica ~     10/21/2017
Happy Birthday!!!You are going to bring all kinds of winning today:)  Have a great day, and let you... More »
Re: Perrys Steakhouse     10/21/2017
Absolutely they are worth it.  The service, and quality of food, 100% worth it:)... More »
Re: Feel good post Thank to Mike and Dad     10/21/2017
@Jpgurl, only people who don't have big tires think of saying something like that.  I know how to c... More »
Re: Need a new home...     10/21/2017
I have to admit, I could live there. ... More »
Re: Huge Medicare Cuts May Be In The Works     10/21/2017
Same bs that is said every time a Republican is elected.  OMG they are cutting everything on earth ... More »
Re: Clinton Foundation-Russia Uranium Deal     10/21/2017
@sweetie she is.  You know you are pos when the janitors at the White House are praying you never r... More »
Re: Chicks Man 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     10/21/2017
@FoFa, your picture will live in infamy!LOL... More »
Re: Best Donuts...need to change their name     10/20/2017
@Dbstelly,  WestCo is on WLH beside Kingwood Meat Market.  Across from Wendy's.Best donuts imo:) ... More »
Re: Not a bad idea....     10/20/2017
@Brat, that is a vehicle I'd love to have now!  ... More »
Re: Please be careful with this.person in Bear Branch     10/20/2017
@gigem09, I heard it was the Bike Mom's fault fireworks were cancelled on Labor Day.  ... More »
Re: OMG, Not SHOPPING CARTS!     10/20/2017
Said to the Bodack Yellow song.  @herron1345, I know you are lol at this:)... More »
Re: Yea, Don't read this story     10/20/2017
Ditto @Jpgurl!... More »
Re: In light of recent developments.....     10/20/2017
@donnatella, hey it is simple and easy:)  And you can pick any color!  ... More »
Re: In light of recent developments.....     10/20/2017
@donnatella, I was thinking of going as just the balls.  You have to stay side by side with you... More »
Re: XM Satellite Radio     10/20/2017
None of us listen to any radio.We have Amazon music we download playlists onto.  Haven't listened t... More »
Re: Thriller scared the hell out of my kids.     10/20/2017
Don't do that @FoFa.  Got toss those dolls in the neighbors trash.  If you put them in your trash,... More »
Re: In light of recent developments.....     10/20/2017
Oh @donnatella, a his and hers costume:)  ... More »

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