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Comcast vs sunddelink     07/04/2017
What is the age differences in your homes? If Comcast came here, they would use the exact same i... More »
Fireworks at town center     07/04/2017
@galliformes: Goodness! It hasnt been over long!! Give the organizers time! People started b... More »
Fireworks at town center     07/04/2017
Out of curiosity, what do you expect to get out of complaining to the news organization's? It's ... More »
Town center fireworks debacle     07/04/2017
Maybe if we cut some of the trees down we could see better!... More »
Plus-size model called him out. You go girl.     07/04/2017
The only way he would have "body shamed" her, I hate that term, Would have been if he had said these... More »
And your new Daisy BB Champions match overall winner is...     07/04/2017
Congrats to ALL of you! Well done!!! [img] More »
Bullet Bra     07/03/2017
@ET: Any shape but that one. :( ... More »
Bullet Bra     07/03/2017
I have a bra that I call my pointy boob bra..i try to not wear it but sometimes, something is better... More »
AC repair     07/03/2017
Good deal!!. I have a tendency to not trust the ones that are obviously trying to jump to the front ... More »
Chase bank down nationwide     07/03/2017
@shodan66 this is what happens when you go galavantin around the country...... More »
Hey people!     07/03/2017
I am doing fine..still spilling a glass out of every bottle.. How are you?? Edit: my grandda... More »
CVS Receipt, waste of paper     07/03/2017
@Retired_Engineer: I hope least for a few more years. I have trees I need to sell. A... More »
The Gong Show (2017 version)     07/02/2017
Growing up..the gong show and the Muppets came in at the same time..we took turns every week decidin... More »
Outdoor Dog's     07/02/2017
It's kinda silly to acknowledge they are a pack animal, and then saying they belong in the More »
Re:     07/02/2017
Trust me..its one of those you have to be there things and not something that would be pretty to wat... More »
Re:     07/01/2017
@podunk: I just realized I'm a busted can of buscuits :(...thank God I still have a sense of h... More »
Re:     07/01/2017
@podunk: I don't get this one..all that comea to mind is chainsaws.... More »
Issue with Italianos     07/01/2017
@franklin4: Carrabas gave me pork masala once instead of chicken, I don't do pork..i did tel... More »
Re:     07/01/2017
My 19 year old son and me having an actual conversation.. Son: "I met a girl, but she says she ha... More »
Re:     07/01/2017
"I can lick a hole through a credit card"... More »

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