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Low Cost Shots and Micro Chipping     03/19/2017
I need a local vet to clip the abominations nails. I don't really need a local vet though. I have on... More »
Just a St Paddy's PSA     03/19/2017
[img][/img]... More »
Stay at home moms with life insurance     03/19/2017
Life is terminal, we are all gonna die at some point. Everyone should have 25-50k..if for nothing el... More »
FFPS - Soccer League     03/18/2017
Its non-competitive but it will teach the basic rules of the game.... More »
Whats for supper?     03/17/2017
@Annie: no kidding. I didn't think I was a sentimental sort of person..but I had so much stuff. ... More »
Whats for supper?     03/17/2017
@Retired_Engineer: I did that a few weeks ago. I had 25 year old tax returns and insurance po... More »
Whats for supper?     03/17/2017
We ate at Torchys today. The manager Hannah confirmed that the one in Kingwood would be open with 4 ... More »
Math help     03/17/2017
Search YouTube for "stupid Jen videos". ... More »
Math help     03/17/2017
@ET: In another video. Instead of taking her on holiday, he gets a tanning bed.... More »
Math help     03/17/2017
@ET: The stupid almost makes her even cuter.... More »
Math help     03/17/2017
@ExBlue: Her boyfriend delights in her stupidity. Its entertaining in an "I'm glad it not my... More »
Trump is horrible...     03/17/2017
@airguy: Uncouth? Maybe..slob? Nah. He appears quite clean and no wrinkles in his clothes. ... More »
Math help     03/17/2017
This poor girl is an idiot but her boyfriend is an ass.. You should see her figure out the weather c... More »
Meals on wheels     03/17/2017
@mulmye: ... More »
Meals on wheels     03/16/2017
@mulmye: Its also just as moronic and stupid to opine that our seniors WILL be the ones to s... More »
Meals on wheels     03/16/2017
MEALS ON WHEELS AMERICA STATEMENT ON BUDGET BLUEPRINT Mar 16, 2017 March 16, 2017 – Today, the P... More »
Meals on wheels     03/16/2017
@mulmye: they can most likely make up the loss in administration without cutting the meals. I do... More »
"I'm a good person"     03/16/2017
@mm4731: Ask for video proof... More »
I found a dog!     03/15/2017
How do you people find dogs? I see lots of dogs running around but have never "found" one. ... More »
Questions You wished you had asked the previous home owner     03/15/2017
Why there are 16 smoke alarms upstairs.... More »

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