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Green Oak Starbucks CLOSED!     10/26/2015
The only thing ive ever done in a starbucks was blow up the bathroom... More »
Emmett/Parker Present MEGA-Jail     10/26/2015
@bubbleyes72: No....chris daughtry would pee his pants if he was in the same room as the dud... More »
Emmett/Parker Present MEGA-Jail     10/26/2015
Sittin in the Harris County jail spending all my little time  not driving fancy cars Im just stayin... More »
Just opened up all the windows     10/26/2015
@Chrisinkingwood: attic fan. My dad has one on his house.... More »
oatmeal is for this morning     10/26/2015
Had me a bowl of wheaties with a banana and protein shake. Time to go kick some butt at work. ... More »
Texans....     10/25/2015
Hopefully they can admit this is their rock bottom. So many problems you just dont know where to ... More »
SO what on the menu for supper at your place tonight?     10/25/2015
@Fallon: My stepdad grows his own at his property in east texas. I learned how to cook them ... More »
SO what on the menu for supper at your place tonight?     10/24/2015
Catfish filets Roasted red potatoes Collard greens Jalapeno cornbread Paired up with some dyna... More »
Sad to see what is served in a Humble ISD cafeteria     10/24/2015
Back in my day it was chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes with gravy and a roll or a choice of ... More »
Sex PERVS living around you     10/23/2015
21 in my zip code. Including one 76 year old scumbag who lives a block away who got 5 years proba... More »
Cheers y'all. It's the weekend     10/22/2015
I had milk with dinner then got a little crazy with a vanilla protein and banana smoothie. Livin ... More »
Cheers y'all. It's the weekend     10/22/2015
Cuervo and crown? What a combo. All you are missing is some cheetos... More »
If the person I was divorcing was found in a brothel     10/21/2015
Im just going to be happy when i can go one day without hearing about a kardashian/jenner.... More »
Back To The Future     10/21/2015
@DiverDude: Hells yeah. Marty had the right idea of taking jennifer to the lake in it too... More »
Back To The Future     10/21/2015
You just jump ship? Whats with the life preserver?... More »
Star Wars movie tickets go on sale tonight...     10/20/2015
Im gonna wait a few days and then see it. But the trailer makes this one look good. Too bad we ca... More »
AHS Band students suspended after rivals...     10/20/2015
Jeez...nowadays you cant even give someone a fruit basket without someone choosing to get offended. ... More »
Black Friday Around The Corner     10/15/2015
Im usually in a blackout all black friday... More »
Best onion rings     10/15/2015
Bills cafe has some good ones... More »

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