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Broncos vs Patriots     01/24/2016
I cant stand either team. Dont want to see Kubiak/Phillips in the super bowl Really dont want to... More »
My First Thread. What is Your Favorite ROCKY Movie and Why?     01/13/2016
Got to go with the original as my favorite. But 4 is a very close second. 1. Rocky 2. Rocky 4. (... More »
Where Do You Live?     01/12/2016
I once lived in "cholo gangland" But I always heard people call it the "gulfton ghetto"... More »
Well thats a little creepy     01/11/2016
For a second there i thought i was having an acid flashback. Seriously, WTF?!... More »
Let the Crazy Office Games Begin     01/08/2016
@yankeejessica: Send me your resume.... More »
Paycheck Drama     01/08/2016
Just show up and be extra lazy. When they ask you to do something be 5 days late in doing it. ... More »
What supplements do you take?     01/08/2016
Mens multivitamin whey protein before/after working out casein protein before bed arginine gluta... More »
President     01/07/2016
I heard a bunch of "uh ah" He wouldnt give a straight answer to anything except th... More »
Re: Obama Saw the New Star Wars     01/06/2016
This dumbass in office doesn't have a clue.If someone wants to shoot up a church, rival gang, movie ... More »
Re: work leash...     01/06/2016
Yep. Every time my work phone beeps for an email/text or rings, I answer. Regardless if I am on vaca... More »
Re: Let the Crazy Office Games Begin     01/05/2016
I have had similar situations around my office. However, I always went about my day not caring if th... More »
STAR WARS     12/27/2015
Loved it. It exceeded my expectations. No I did not dress up.... More »
Specs...     12/24/2015
Avoid it if it all possible. Lines are backed up to the back of the store.... More »
Favorite Christmas movies(s)     12/23/2015
Bad Santa Friday after next Christmas vacation Elf... More »
Re: !!!! Got my Christmas present EARLY !!!     12/21/2015
@raygood news all around.Tell your SIL thanks for his service.... More »
Re: Star Wars early nerd special     12/18/2015
@Fallon: What can I say. You got me.I rocked that bikini though. ... More »
Re: Star Wars early nerd special     12/18/2015
@herron1345: EVERYTHING needs more wookiee ... More »
Re: Star Wars early nerd special     12/18/2015
@donnatella: hahaa...nah but there was plenty that were.There was even one chick in the princess... More »
Star Wars early nerd special     12/18/2015
Amazing movie. Except all the obnoxious dorks that dressed up and yapped through the whole thing... More »
Lemon butter sauce     12/17/2015
@BooBear: No...The only thing Al Gore came up with is taking being a douche-canoe to a whole... More »

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