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Re: Are you giving your guy a Valentines Day present?     02/11/2016
NO, NO NO PEOPLE....FEB 14TH is when Men get their Women valentines day crap.Then it is reciprocated... More »
Grand Parkway opening     02/10/2016
I do not mind paying tolls if it gets me to work faster or helps me avoid traffic. I currently pay a... More »
Grand Parkway opening     02/10/2016
The 59 to 45 segment needs to hurry up and open. When it does open my 22 mile commute to my office i... More »
I found this interesting if you are just not sure which candidate.     02/10/2016
I took one of these and my result was Trump. But I didnt need a quiz to know that.... More »
Wing Suggestions     02/06/2016
3B's has some good wings. ... More »
Time for another game of HAVE YOU EVER???     02/03/2016
All of those except #18.... More »
Supper tonight Jan is fixin     02/03/2016
Pork chops, roasted red potatoes, and steamed broccoli with garlic bread and cabernet. And for de... More »
Charlie Sheen's HIV Cured!     02/01/2016
Well of course...HIV has zero chance against tigers blood infused with adonis DNA. WINNING!... More »
New candidate     02/01/2016
I would vote for him over hillary or bernie... More »
What is there to do in Lake Charles?     01/31/2016
@lola: I second this. I have done this trip many times. Google "absolute charm fredericks... More »
Johnny Manziel     01/30/2016
He will end up doing commentary for the SEC network here in about a year or two with Tim Tebow. B... More »
What is there to do in Lake Charles?     01/30/2016
My take on lake charles... Best gambling- golden nugget best place to eat once and never again... More »
Re: This sums up the presidential canidates.     01/30/2016
Trump has my vote. At least he doesn't try to hide the fact he is a total jerk.... More »
Dr's office translations     01/29/2016
"I will call you right back"This means I do not feel like dealing with you right now and if you are ... More »
OK, Who has the courage to fess up?     01/26/2016
I got so drunk: Ive got a ton of these. But the worst was on new years eve 1999-2000. I went t... More »
I want to be 4 again     01/26/2016
My childhood sucked. Adulthood is great and fun because I have the control to make it that way.... More »
So what are ya fixin for supper tonight?     01/26/2016
Chinese food!... More »
Re: Microwave Installation Guide Addendum     01/26/2016
gasoline is the best thing for wasps.... More »
Re: Kings Creek Is No More     01/26/2016
Geez...when are people going to learn. Don't believe anything around here is being built until you h... More »
Broncos vs Patriots     01/24/2016
@ET: Oh no i still watch! ... More »

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