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Star Wars early nerd special     12/18/2015
Amazing movie. Except all the obnoxious dorks that dressed up and yapped through the whole thing... More »
Lemon butter sauce     12/17/2015
@BooBear: No...The only thing Al Gore came up with is taking being a douche-canoe to a whole... More »
MiL needs a gift to give at her Xmas party. Any ideas?     12/17/2015
Gift card to specs. I mean really....who doesnt love specs?... More »
Lemon butter sauce     12/17/2015
I heard about this invention called google........ More »
Best AutoParts Store?     12/17/2015
Oh oh oh o reileeeeeee Auto parts.... More »
Christmas Dinner     12/17/2015
Prime rib, yorkshire pudding, green beans, yams, rolls, red wine and lots of brown gravy is how my p... More »
What did you brew today?     12/17/2015
I feel somethin brewin but it aint coffee... More »
Re: Missing Asian mom/grand mother?     12/16/2015
I'm sorry but for those comparing a lost grandma to a lost dog...yall are just wrong.Funny...but wro... More »
so who still supports trump?     12/09/2015
Juat wondering based on his latest proposal.... More »
Favorite Christmas music     12/09/2015
Slayer or some Napalm Death usually do it for me.... More »
New water park is coming along...     12/09/2015
@sooner34: And at the rate they are going it will be done sometime in the year 2088... More »
New water park is coming along...     12/09/2015
Where is that?... More »
Whatcha fixin tonight???? Still leftovers     11/30/2015
Spaghetti and meatballs with a delicious cabernet ... More »
For How much $$ would you give up TV for a year?     11/24/2015
Nope...cant give up my football/baseball/basketball. ... More »
~ Colossians 2:6-7     11/24/2015
Thats the second time I've heard or read that exact scripture today. I think someone is trying to... More »
Re: More leaving the US than coming in     11/20/2015
yeah there is no one at the borders tallying up the border jumpers.... More »
Madden predicts Texans beat...     11/12/2015
@JerryJustice: Actually we came back and won the san diego game.... More »
Prayers and positive thoughts     11/10/2015
Wow great news! Cancer sucks. Both of my parents have gone through it and man oh man it takes a t... More »
Best Fried Chicken?     11/07/2015
@MarT: I can vouche for barbecue inn. Very very very good fried chicken ... More »
Christmas expenses     11/06/2015
I throw down for Christmas. I damn sure dont go into debt but i also make it a point to go out of my... More »

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