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sooooo whuts fer supper????     03/30/2016
Went to nowhere lounge for the steak night special. 12 bucks for a big ass new york strip and pot... More »
Re: RIP Dr. Robert S. Grayson     03/30/2016
Oh wow...he was my dr for years. I was friends with his son growing up.... More »
Re: Solicitor Alert     03/30/2016
Cant stand door to door bs.I once had some Mormon missionaries de-weed my flower beds while I drank ... More »
Re: Jobs growing up     03/30/2016
Middle school:lawn mowernewspaper salesmanHigh School:greenery salesmancargo container builderpainte... More »
Re: What movie would you want to see right now??     03/30/2016
@donnatella: 1. Deadpool2. nachos, popcorn and a large cherry coke3. Yes4. batman vs superman ... More »
Re: Grand parkway officially open     03/30/2016
I left my┬áhouse at 7:00 today....and was at my desk at 7:22.Love it. Worth every penny.... More »
Grand parkway officially open     03/29/2016
And it is awesome. Left work at 4:30 (45 & 99)...pulled into my driveway at 4:54 Suck it 1... More »
Re: Grand Parkway 59 to 45     03/29/2016
@aggiebutterfly: AWWWW YEAH! ... More »
Grand Parkway 59 to 45     03/29/2016
@aggiebutterfly: Yep! Right now I am happy because I know I do not have to take 1960 anymore... More »
Re: Kingwood Mexican food     03/28/2016
los palomas- not no, but HELL no. GRADE- Fel charro- of the mill stuff that you can get an... More »
Re: Head West Good Citizens     03/28/2016
FINALLY!man oh man I hate 1960. worst road in Houston.... More »
PCP     03/23/2016
At first glance I thought this thread was about angel dust.... More »
Re: Anyone Doing Anything Fun this Weekend? What's the Plan?     03/18/2016
I'm not sure but its going to involve staying out allllll night and drinking a lotttttt of beer.... More »
Are the masses hungover and sleeping it off?     03/18/2016
No more irish car bombs for this guy. Last night got a little kooky up at mollys. But Im a soldie... More »
Grand Parkway 59 to 45     03/18/2016
Ok...just found out the toll is going to be $3.01 from 59 to 45 6 bux a day....totally works for ... More »
Grand Parkway 59 to 45     03/18/2016
I dont care how much it is. I work on 45 where hardy meets up with 45 and taking 1960 SUCKS. 1314/24... More »
Re: Anyone here a REP. whom is mad...     03/17/2016
Trump has definitely made it interesting, that's for sure. He got my vote in the primary and will ge... More »
KW Meat Market     03/15/2016
Yep...they are the real deal.... More »
Write a sad story only using 3 words!     03/14/2016
Hillary Clinton elected.... More »
What's for Lunch?     03/14/2016
@jax: Yep..i couldnt finish one. Its good but just too much. Their salsa is amazing though.... More »

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