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Re: Native Texan or a Transplant?     03/04/2016
Native. 7th generation.... More »
Stress management     03/03/2016
Strip center places with blacked out windows and a neon sign that says "stress management"... More »
The Texans are purging     03/03/2016
@jax: I would welcome it, but probably not. All signs point to a reunion of o'brien and hack... More »
Re: Food poisoning from deli in the tunnel downtown     03/02/2016
Man I miss working downtown.... More »
Re: Tell the scariest story you can with only SIX words.     03/02/2016
Woke up next to Caitlyn Jenner.... More »
Re: Exit Polls     03/02/2016
@kingwooddiscgolf: yep...stole votes from Ben Carson in Iowa. Look it up. ... More »
Re: Exit Polls     03/02/2016
@fcabanski: Nope. A class A dirtbag crook who stole votes in Iowa likely stole votes in Texas. ... More »
So what's for dinner friends?     03/01/2016
For dinner while I watch the election results I am thinking french dip sandwiches with tater tots an... More »
Predictions for TEXAS     03/01/2016
I hope Trump kicks the crap out of Cruz and the rest of em. Cruz is just another career politicia... More »
Lawnmower won't start     03/01/2016
It aint got no gas in it.... More »
Re: Why Trump would be a good POTUS     02/29/2016
@QueenB: As a businessman, sometimes you have to grease the politicians to get clearance to move... More »
19 Year Old Doesn't Know Numbers of Months     02/28/2016
I asked my girlfriend's 22 year old nephew if he knew who the vice president was. His response was, ... More »
Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump     02/26/2016
Trump/Christie...yeah I can see that.... More »
Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump     02/26/2016
Trump/Christie...yeah I can see that.... More »
7 Ways Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same     02/26/2016
8. They are all crooks.... More »
Re: Tonight's Republican debate in one word - NASTY     02/26/2016
Whatta joke.Cruz and Rubio trying to gang up on Trump was like watching two midget wrestlers take on... More »
About the Donald.......     02/25/2016
@fcabanski: There is no way in hell I could bring myself to vote for that slimeball. What he... More »
24 Hour Fitness = Slum of Atascosita     02/25/2016
@fcabanski: Go in to lifetime and tell them what you are willing to pay. 9 times out of 10 t... More »
Re: Why Trump     02/24/2016
Why Trump?Because he says what he means and means what he says. No filter.He knows how to get things... More »
Yummy Balls!!!!     02/20/2016
I often offer up my tasty balls at neighborhood block parties too.... More »

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