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Lawn Service recommendations     07/14/2017
Amigos by home depot... More »
theives are watching you be careful!!     07/14/2017
He was probably just picking up a sack of smoke... More »
IRS Scams     07/14/2017
I always tell em mohammad is taking care of my taxes. That always gets their panties in a wad... More »
Ready for summer to end     07/14/2017
Im ready for some sweater puppies... More »
Not so secret indulgence     07/14/2017
Strip clubs... More »
Smallest caliber for self protection     07/14/2017
@2013Breakout: My glock 23 .40 cal is the best handgun Ive ever owned.... More »
Where you get your hair cut?(men)     07/10/2017
Call Gabriel...he is on loop 494 by Lowes. 832-381-6103 15 bucks for a men's cut and he takes... More »
Smallest caliber for self protection     07/10/2017
[img][/img]... More »
Kathy Griffin's endorsement     05/31/2017
@Fallon: I too like to be on a perch like a gargoyle when I'm dropping deuces... More »
There are tons of these in Kingwood!!!     05/27/2017
Its always those who cant afford a mcmansion who dog the mcmansions.... More »
Who is someone you'd like to meet?     05/22/2017
1- the person who has the cure for cancer. 2- hmmm...I kind of like my anonymous status on here, ... More »
So who's the oldest?     05/22/2017
Im 97 you little whipper snappers ... More »
New restaurants     05/22/2017
@micsarabia: Why? They usually shut down 2-3 months after opening... More »
It's a KDC Picnic - what will you bring?     05/22/2017
My fine and famous sloppy hoes. Its a modified sloppy joe recipe that you wont forget for a few... More »
Good deck builder/repair guy     05/15/2017
**crickets**... More »
Good deck builder/repair guy     05/15/2017
Anybody know a good, honest and reasonably priced deck repair guy?... More »
Dude stole my weed     05/11/2017
@DVaz: Oh if we are counting multiples I need several accounting firms to estimate my new ne... More »
Dude stole my weed     05/11/2017
@FoFa: $220. Ive done all those except the felony... More »
Your worst job?     04/19/2017
Front counter service advisor at an automotive repair shop. I got accused daily of being a ripoff... More »
NES Classic     04/17/2017
@Wooderson: Porter walmart. They sold out pretty quick.... More »

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