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Your worst job?     04/19/2017
Front counter service advisor at an automotive repair shop. I got accused daily of being a ripoff... More »
NES Classic     04/17/2017
@Wooderson: Porter walmart. They sold out pretty quick.... More »
NES Classic     04/16/2017
Got mine last week!... More »
Quick oil change, trustworthy?     03/07/2017
Flagship on 494...with the coupon from randalls they print on the back of the receipt, I get an oil ... More »
A Day Without Women     03/07/2017
More like "a day without whining libtards" Hell make every day that way.... More »
Found Pot Belly Pig / KMS     02/21/2017
You just found some pork chops, ribs and bacon!... More »
A crappy concert in midtown     02/21/2017
@donnatella: It will do the exact opposite. Ever hear of GG Allin?... More »
crawfish     02/21/2017
@Retired_Engineer: I second this...I used to live just up the street and used to live at thi... More »
Tell me about your worst boss     02/10/2017
@imadrummer2k: Well in a lot of cases jobs are pretty scarce so some may not have much of a ... More »
Tell me about your worst boss     02/10/2017
There was this one DBAG I once worked for about 10-11 years ago who always rushed me for things and ... More »
Would you ever let a cop search your car.     02/09/2017
Same thing happened to me once. I gave them permission and they held me hostage for a few hours. ... More »
Words that make you cringe     02/01/2017
Britches Caint- instead of saying "can't" "Am" (pronounced OHM) instead of "I'm" Prolly... More »
3.141592653589793238     01/24/2017
Some pie sounds good.... More »
Men - recommend your PCP?     01/22/2017
PCP is a helluva drug... More »
Melania looks gorgeous today!     01/20/2017
@donnatella: Hottest first lady ever. But a close second is Jackie Kennedy. ... More »
Super Bowl LI pot!!!     01/12/2017
@DVaz: If they even go to the super bowl Im leaving town that weekend.... More »
Fiesta Store in Porter????     01/10/2017
@Andreweggplant: Exactly what I was thinking. I welcome it....where else can you get dick... More »
The Playoffs BABY!!!!!!!!! Go Texans!!!!!     01/08/2017
@SwaggyG: I will take that action. ... More »
The Playoffs BABY!!!!!!!!! Go Texans!!!!!     01/08/2017
I have faith in the Texans. They looked damn good yesterday. I am aware of the odds against us bu... More »
The Playoffs BABY!!!!!!!!! Go Texans!!!!!     01/07/2017
@friday1: Nope...happened twice before.... More »

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