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Weekend     07/20/2017
Have a wonderful weekend from Ann2800. Stay cool dangerous heat.💖... More »
centerpoint energy     07/20/2017
I recently had a problem. Got a bill for 26 dollars. I knew that was low. Two mornings later pound... More »
Dessert     07/20/2017
@Annie: i.loved the cake refrigerated strawberry shortcake. Cool and light. It's on Google. Ca... More »
Dessert     07/20/2017
@deltadawn: looking for you. Hope all is well ... More »
Free O.J.     07/20/2017
@frebu: he basically admitted it on Dateline when he said if I did it. Everyone knows ... More »
Update 2800     07/20/2017
@teatime: thsnk you so much. I am so bery tired so need your prayers. Thank you. God bless you ... More »
Update 2800     07/20/2017
@herron1345: God bless you my friend. Thank you. Soooooo tired ... More »
Update 2800     07/20/2017
@foxymama: yes!!! ... More »
Update 2800     07/20/2017
@sweetie: thank you Sweetie. I am hoping to pull myself out of this one. God hears our prayers ... More »
Update 2800     07/20/2017
@cowboysfan0314: thank you so much. I need prayers I know God hears them. Thsnk you again God b... More »
Update 2800     07/20/2017
@Champagnechola: Thank you for all the uplifting words. Hope you feel better I was very stron... More »
My wife in hospital     07/20/2017
@Retired_Engineer: praying for both of you. God bless and keeping Debbie in my thoughts. Love to... More »
Update 2800     07/20/2017
Hi my friends Not doing very well. Tumor Markers up to 300 my liver enzymes high never happened be... More »
Saw this snake in my backyard just now     07/20/2017
@Ray: OMG ... More »
HPD in Kingwood     07/17/2017
@2013Breakout: Tell that to someone that lost a child, mom,dad or spouse for speeding and cau... More »
Crap! Help!!!!     07/01/2017
@BooBear: there was a teen in kingwood was scratcjed in face years ago just teeny tiny scrstch t... More »
Crap! Help!!!!     07/01/2017
@BooBear: that means they are ill. Be very careful when you see one in daytime ... More »
Ann2800 update     06/25/2017
@Cajunmom: thank you so much but prayers is what I need so much. Thank you. I believe je hears ... More »
Ann2800 update     06/24/2017
Hi everyone! I have not been on much Im sorry. Sure have missed everyone. I have had pnemonia twi... More »
Question about the Universe     06/16/2017
@bp2018: ... More »

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