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A reminder about the game     01/21/2017
For those that haven't paid to play, I am actively collecting this week and next. Please contact me... More »
Windshield Chip Repair     01/21/2017
@Annie: I'm 99% they stopped doing that. ... More »
WARNING!     01/20/2017
Where's @Ray? He needs to take over for a day... More »
Will Trump be ready for this ?     01/20/2017
Can he define tribal sovereignty?... More »
trouble getting on KDC     01/20/2017
Switch over to apple! ... More »
Re:     01/20/2017
....thank you citizen!... More »
Raffa's vs. Amedeo's     01/19/2017
@imadrummer2k: They are locally owned ... More »
" the spot"     01/19/2017
@herron1345: You have a good memory! That was a long time ago. I recommended the mexicana ... More »
Write Your Own Country Song     01/19/2017
I was drunk, when my mom Got outta prison..... Oh wait - that one is taken ... More »
" the spot"     01/19/2017
I called it on the other 95.7 thread. (Kinda') They play the same 20 songs over and over and over a... More »
Favorite Food Truck?     01/18/2017
[img][/img]... More »
Favorite Food Truck?     01/18/2017
[img][/img]... More »
There was NOOO reason for the HOV to be closed this morning....     01/18/2017
@ilovemy6: During periods of hard rain hydroplaning happens a lot and those people who can... More »
HOV is closed     01/18/2017
@Nurse3: The HOV tends to let in the runoff from the main lanes and is often way more danger... More »
HOV is closed     01/18/2017
@lisapisabobisa: At the time, all I knew is that it was closed because the gates were down a... More »
HOV is closed     01/18/2017
Commuters leave extra early. 59 south is at a standstill in humble as of 5:50am... More »
Chinese invasion!     01/18/2017
On the more stray cats and dogs....... More »
Tornado warning en espanol     01/18/2017
The first 10 seconds were the English part. ... More »
Vietnamese Sandwich     01/16/2017
I can't think of anything but chicken right now. I'm distraught ... More »
Kingwood may not be able to handle the following news......     01/16/2017
@AuthorMan: Maybe we can get a Frenchy's... More »

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