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Re: 19 Year Old Doesn't Know Numbers of Months     02/27/2016
" I also hope this girl (and boy)"You couldn't tell if it was a girl or boy?... More »
Re: Giving a 3 year old medicine     02/27/2016
Tell her she has to be a big girl.  Take the medicine.... More »
Re: A badge does NOT mean     02/26/2016
"I see them drive through stop signs routinely (without lights, just general patrolling) and par... More »
Re: Ben Carson Rocked the Kelly File tonight     02/25/2016
" I was concerned he would be the conservative version of Obama, my way or the highway."The problem... More »
Re: 24 Hour Fitness = Slum of Atascosita     02/25/2016
I pay $15 a month at 24 Hour Fitness.  If Lifetime will give me a membership at that price, I'll ta... More »
Re: Iowa bills would allow children under 14 to use a gun     02/25/2016
Kids can learn to use guns responsibly.  The point of interest isn't that a bill allows it, but tha... More »
Re: Geneology     02/25/2016
I did my genealogy, but I'm lazy.Adam and Eve --> Some other people --> Me... More »
Re: Hillary knows, don't argue     02/25/2016
Most people discount the Declaration.  They claim it's not official.Very little gets done in this w... More »
Re: Chase Bank users - WARNING     02/25/2016
Yes, please send me your account information and password.  I couldn't get into your account.... More »
Re: About the Donald.......     02/25/2016
Vote for Ted Cruz.  His past actions back up his current words.But if Trump wins the nomination, he... More »
Re: Picking a President     02/25/2016
"The constitution is great and all and does offer guidelines but lets not forget these "founding... More »
24 Hour Fitness = Slum of Atascosita     02/25/2016
I've been a 24 Hour Fitness member for 20 years.  The Humble 24 Hour Fitness is run down to the max... More »
Re: Ben Carson Rocked the Kelly File tonight     02/25/2016
His interview with Glenn Beck highlighted why he isn't Presidential material,  Glenn asked Ben who ... More »
Re: Why Trump     02/25/2016
" I think he knows you can't get 12 million people and round them up.""You can't" didn't make Americ... More »
Re: Dear Trump Fan.....     02/24/2016
Wow, it has all the different fonts, colors and styles of any good spam.... More »
If God Exists There Wouldn't Be Suffering     02/24/2016
Or, Why does God allow suffering?[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Looking for a flute     02/24/2016
If you can't afford it, then maybe she can settle for choir.  I want a Mercedes, but I drive a Ford... More »
Close a Door, I Kick Open a Window     02/23/2016
Well, God opens those windows.MLB didn't want me back for the stats job.  So what.  I still have t... More »
Re: I have been contacted by the FBI     02/23/2016
The information is so time sensitive and confidential that they had to treat it like spam.... More »
Re: Trumnp Voters are a CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES     02/22/2016
"Micheal Berry is ripping Trump maybe his supporters should listen."Michael also claimed there's no ... More »

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