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Re: United in a s--t storm     04/11/2017
Nobody supported him.  Support requires action.  Someone giving up their seat so the doctor could ... More »
Re: Xfinity Cancel Install Fee     04/10/2017
I think I just have to plug in the outside cable.  But if that cable is no good...The Comcast peopl... More »
Xfinity Cancel Install Fee     04/10/2017
Has anyone had Xfinity installed?  I last had Xfinity in 2012.  Not sure if wires were cut to acco... More »
Re: What a Tangled Web of Insurance     04/07/2017
"Double check they didn't trim back your coverage - sometimes the "new" program has less."The covera... More »
Re: What a Tangled Web of Insurance     04/07/2017
"Nice !! We did 11% saving on auto with liberty mutual due to 90 day driving monitor device the... More »
What a Tangled Web of Insurance     04/07/2017
The auto policy went way up.  The home policy went way up.So I called for quotes.  Nationwide had ... More »
Re: Weather Warning     04/07/2017
Weather lady saidBe weather awareCarry an umbrellato cover your hair... More »
Re: Annie     04/07/2017
It's a hard knock life for us.... More »
Re: Teenage boy asking to do yard work     04/06/2017
He traveled from LA to Houston to mow lawns?... More »
Re: TESTMASTERS cancelled AGAIN!     03/31/2017
I tutor for the SAT.  If your daughter will do the work on her own, then one session is all it ... More »
Re: Another great song remake!     03/27/2017
To me, they made a unique song sound generic.... More »
Re: Freedom Caucus or Agitators at GOP?     03/27/2017
It was a decent bill that got the ball rolling.  More importantly, it put things into the head of H... More »
Re: Just another day     03/27/2017
It's pollen and leaves.  I have cleaned up five 50-gallon cans worth of leaves from my driveway and... More »
Re: Astros tickets     03/27/2017
I'll be at that game.... More »
Re: Ok I heard it!!! Woke me up     03/27/2017
Someone who rides a motorcycle to work may ride a motorcycle at 5 AM.... More »
Re: hitting lessons     03/27/2017
I trained with Ted Williams.  He taught me his methods of teaching hitting.  I worked with some fo... More »
Re: Snake Identification     03/27/2017
His name is Milford Slamthreeen III.  He likes to slither around the trails.... More »
Re: ~ Terrorist Attack In London Today ~     03/24/2017
Don't worry, the unarmed cop was "a nice chap".  A gun would have saved his life.... More »
Such a Nice Chap     03/24/2017
The unarmed cop who was killed by the mad Muslim (in Britian) is described as a "nice chap".  Nice ... More »
Re: Trump care     03/24/2017
It repeals....eventually.  The Conservatives who are against it knows, in these cases, eventually n... More »

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