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Re: Streets are Flooding, Sewers Not Draining     04/18/2016
Water would have to get pretty high for WLH to flood.... More »
Re: Please beware of shisters looking for disaster business     04/18/2016
Did you mean shysters?... More »
Re: How are you changing your high-ceiling light bulbs?     04/18/2016
"Most have those light changing poles"The name is Cabanski.  I'm one of those light changing Poles.... More »
Re: Channel 11 OMG     04/18/2016
We could build drainage that could handle a foot an hour, if people were willing to pay everything t... More »
Re: Such a crappy day got me to thinkin about crap...     04/18/2016
It's a beautiful day.  Even over night, watching the streets flood, was interesting.  I enjoyed st... More »
Re: Sad news     04/18/2016
Condolences... More »
Re: Streets are Flooding, Sewers Not Draining     04/18/2016
If I hear we're still in drought conditions after this, I'll smash the radio.... More »
Re: All you can eat McD's fries?     04/18/2016
If the fries had no bottoms, you couldn't put them in a basket.  They'd fall through.... More »
Re: Streets are Flooding, Sewers Not Draining     04/18/2016
It didn't flood like this during the hurricanes, and it rained much harder then.The water drained fr... More »
Streets are Flooding, Sewers Not Draining     04/18/2016
I wonder what's going on.  The streets are like rivers.  The water isn't draining.  Water level i... More »
Re: "The Story Of God" With Morgan Freeman... Who's Watchin'?     04/15/2016
Technically the show explores gods, not only God.... More »
Re: Door to Door Salesmen     04/12/2016
I have a sales pitch ready for people like that.... More »
Re: Can you trust her?!?     04/11/2016
Put the shady deals aside.  Her ideals are rotten.  She is for higher taxes, bigger govern... More »
Re: Journey Church     04/09/2016
"10 years ago I wasn't walking close with God in faith, etc. & made some mistakes, sinned, etc."... More »
Re: Root Sports     04/06/2016
I have to talk to some of those folks next time I work a game at Minutemaid.  When the game is goin... More »
Re: Supplemental health Care Insurance     04/06/2016
Go for something like Kelsey Care.  There's no additional cost beyond the monthly medicare prem... More »
Re: WOW! Is that the new Wilson     04/06/2016
I clicked because I thought they were remaking Home Improvement.... More »
Re: Went for my annual physical today     04/06/2016
I had the full once over.  I told the doctor I had been feeling sluggish lately.  He said if I wer... More »
Re: I am about to fall victim.....     04/06/2016
You don't need a "Wonder Core" to do ab exercises.... More »
Re: fillies director fired today ???????     04/06/2016
"But when it's someone's that played such a pivotal role in the legacy of a school and the lives ... More »

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