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Re: OMG - Carl Rove and the Dry Erase Board     11/09/2016
Nope, it wasn't a long night.... More »
Re: Election Exhaustion     11/08/2016
I never hear about football exhaustion, or Walking Dead exhaustion, or Dancing With the Stars exhaus... More »
Re: Found Pet Rabbit     11/07/2016
Is it a wascawwy wabbit?... More »
Re: Armed Robbery Kingwood Taco Bell     11/07/2016
It was some kind of alien.... More »
Re: 3Bs     11/07/2016
"His order was fish and chips. FIsh was soggy and the "chips" really were chips, lol, as in pota... More »
Re: This Just In...     11/07/2016 More »
Re: Looking for Hungarian tutor     11/07/2016 lists Hungarian tutors in NY, CA and other places, but not in Houston.  Maybe you can wo... More »
A Lesson in the Media Shilling for Hillary     11/07/2016 More »
Re: Looking for Hungarian tutor     11/07/2016
Have you tried Professor Zoltan Karpathy?[youtube][/youtu... More »
Re: If Hillary wins....     11/07/2016
You're baby killing loving, satanic ritual loving, criminal loving, God fearing Democrats.You suppor... More »
Re: So glad I am not a pre-teen or teen anymore!!!     10/30/2016
Better to get together with a few friends than to go to one of these ridiculous parties.... More »
Re: Never have I seen     10/27/2016
In other words, if you don't want mice in the house get a huntsman spider.... More »
Re: Obamacare sharp premium hikes on the way     10/27/2016
This isn't news.  Every cycle, there are sharp increases in premiums.  Before Obamacare, my premiu... More »
Re: My neighbor is harassing me     10/27/2016
Try living next door to a Nationwide Insurance agent.Nationwide is on your side.... More »
Oh That ACT     10/16/2016
Working with a student via Skype.  He had taken 20+ practice tests, but couldn't get his score over... More »
Re: Not What Trump Meant     10/16/2016
"You thought what Letterman said was funny? "No, the people now complaining about Trump thought Lett... More »
Re: Not What Trump Meant     10/16/2016
Sorry, Feminazis and Feminazi POWs (aka sissy men), what Trump said isn't sexual assault.Remember wh... More »
Re: islamophobia...     10/16/2016
Wanting to stop Mad Muslims from killing us isn't fear of Muslims or Islam.  It's standing up to Mu... More »
Re: SNL     10/16/2016
Alec acts like liberals wish Trump would act or think he acts.  ... More »
Re: NWA wrestling on demand     10/16/2016
Andre called everyone boss.  I called him "little Andre" as a joke.  He loved it.... More »

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