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Re: Ben Carson Rocked the Kelly File tonight     02/25/2016
His interview with Glenn Beck highlighted why he isn't Presidential material,  Glenn asked Ben who ... More »
Re: Why Trump     02/25/2016
" I think he knows you can't get 12 million people and round them up.""You can't" didn't make Americ... More »
Re: Dear Trump Fan.....     02/24/2016
Wow, it has all the different fonts, colors and styles of any good spam.... More »
If God Exists There Wouldn't Be Suffering     02/24/2016
Or, Why does God allow suffering?[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Looking for a flute     02/24/2016
If you can't afford it, then maybe she can settle for choir.  I want a Mercedes, but I drive a Ford... More »
Close a Door, I Kick Open a Window     02/23/2016
Well, God opens those windows.MLB didn't want me back for the stats job.  So what.  I still have t... More »
Re: I have been contacted by the FBI     02/23/2016
The information is so time sensitive and confidential that they had to treat it like spam.... More »
Re: Trumnp Voters are a CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES     02/22/2016
"Micheal Berry is ripping Trump maybe his supporters should listen."Michael also claimed there's no ... More »
Re: Pope Hypocrisy on our southern border     02/19/2016
The problem isn't people coming here to work.  The problem is people coming here illegally.  Those... More »
Foam Dog     02/19/2016
She threw up twice:  three more big piles of foam.She is eating and pooping normally.  She cries f... More »
Re: New Boobs     02/19/2016
Talk her out of it.... More »
The New SAT     02/18/2016
Good grief this thing.  It used to be I could get all the math concepts on about 10 pages.  Kaplan... More »
Re: Never under estimate     02/18/2016
Barry Manilow is a tremendous talent.... More »
Re: Just got done interviewing for my own job     02/18/2016
"Are you working with the MLBAM new generation of in-game analytics?"It was half and half.  The sof... More »
Re: Why Socialist     02/18/2016
The goal of socialism is communism.... More »
Re: The Dog Ate Foam     02/18/2016
Your opinion is ridiculous.  I am not consumable worker of Satan.  Be gone in Jesus name.... More »
Re: The Dog Ate Foam     02/18/2016
".if you don't have the time to spend with your dog or take care of it you damn sure don't need one!... More »
Re: The Dog Ate Foam     02/18/2016
Do far no blood in the poop.  ... More »
Re: Just got done interviewing for my own job     02/18/2016
This is how it would go with me."Hey, you have to interview for your current job".Me "BYE!"Last year... More »
Re: Kingwood's Worst Litterbug     02/18/2016
[youtube][/youtube]Woops, I thought you said jitterbug.... More »

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