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Re: Linkin Park Chester Bennington Commits Suicide     07/21/2017
The stories I read indicated he "died of suicide", as if suicide is something that happens to you in... More »
Re: Sean Spicer resigns. Poor guy, had a tough job, no respect.     07/21/2017
The Press Secretary is an easily replaceable cog.  He's not the wheel.The jerk had to make some par... More »
Re: Teens taunting drowning man     07/21/2017
If those kids are the only people around, don't go swimming.... More »
Re: Kingwood Hospital - 3 strikes!     07/21/2017
A person on Kingwood dot com's friend's sister - that's not exactly first hand.... More »
Re: Spiderman     07/19/2017
Most of the Marvel movies are crap.  They're re-treads of old stories, and they deliver a socialist... More »
Re: Top Sci-fi Ship Captain     07/19/2017
Don't choose Zarvis Seflon.  He was the captain of the time vessel that got stuck in this time.  I... More »
Re: Neighborhood sounds     07/18/2017
None of the kids on my block play outside.  A block away, a bunch of kids play outside.  I walk my... More »
Re: Ann Coulter vs. Delta Airlines     07/18/2017
Delta's response was something.  Whoever from Delta responded made it seem like $30 is no big deal,... More »
Re: Smallest caliber for self protection     07/15/2017
You don't need to shoot anyone.  Just make sure you hang around people who run slower than you run.... More »
Re: Sparkles Wilson     07/15/2017
"Can you imagine if you ground your kids to their room because they were naughty but you let the... More »
Re: Best haircut place for guys?     07/15/2017
Executive is great.  My dad went there.  When he was in the hospital, Executive would send a barbe... More »
Re: #bluewhalechallenge     07/15/2017
Take the send fcabanski $100 challenge.... More »
Re: I am so angry right now!     07/15/2017
It could be they don't have the money to meet payroll.  It might be time to find a new job.... More »
Re: GI JOE PSA'S     07/14/2017
I'm about to knock you out.  Now you know.  And knowing is half the battle.  The other half is yo... More »
Re: IRS Scams     07/14/2017
Hello, I am Doctor from West Indies.  I have small fortune, but IRS tells me I must have an America... More »
Re: Leftist and Liberals, join US     07/12/2017
How do anarchists form a group?... More »
It's a give and take relationship.  You give, the contractor takes.... More »
Re: **HOT TOPIC WEDNESDAY** If you knew...     07/12/2017
Why would you have to tell the partner?  The partner knows he/she is cheating.... More »
Re: Two truths and a lie...     07/12/2017
One of these statements is a lie.Two of these statements are true.There are three statements.... More »

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