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Re: Science is for Liberals     10/18/2017
"@FoFa:  That looks like it came from some backwoods conservative area where they play with snakes ... More »
Re: Amazon dealing with Porch Pirates     10/13/2017
People are stealing stuff from your porch.  Solution - give them the keys to your car.Um, no.... More »
Re: An Act of Kindness     09/30/2017
Whenever you wonder why people don't help people, go help someone.... More »
Re: Teenagers     09/30/2017
The other day a girl I tutor was into it with her mom about something.  I asked her if she knew wha... More »
Re: God or Science     09/30/2017
“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bot... More »
Re: SuddenLink - Speed Test w/Unlimited is 70 DOWN 18 UP ,,,Normal?     09/30/2017
If you're paying for 200, why accept 20?I pay for 100.  I get 120.... More »
Re: Trumps complexity     09/30/2017
So which specific thing has Trump done that's wrong?... More »
Re: Mayor turner / Dave Martin flood meeting recap     09/28/2017
"Mayor turner made a pr push for his tax plan that he says would increase property tax by 48 dol... More »
Re: What if???     09/26/2017
I agree.  The NFL is pressuring people to kneel or at least be OK with the kneelers.  That's wrong... More »
Re: Jim Adler fighting for KW     09/26/2017
Insurance company:  "We've decided to settle.  We offer you this check in the amount of $26,387.00... More »
Re: Protesting during the Anthem     09/26/2017
This isn't about protesting during the anthem or disrespecting the country.  That's an effect, not ... More »
Re: Jerry Jones took a Knee!!!     09/26/2017
"So if Jerry ain't happy with Trump... it's not good."I agree.  It's not good for the NFL.  Someon... More »
Re: Sheila Jackson Lee     09/26/2017
You cannot deny that kneelers calling cops racist is racism.Freedom of speech - false.NFL fined RGII... More »
Re: Brandon Tatum destroys the NFL     09/25/2017
"We now watch OAN news.  We love that they report only the facts"Nobody reports only facts.  They ... More »
Re: Prayers for my sister-in-law as the end nears.     09/25/2017
God bless you and your family.... More »
Re: Brandon Tatum destroys the NFL     09/25/2017
Gooddell claims players have a right to free speech, but the NFL routinely fines players for certain... More »
Re: Email to NFL Commissioner     09/25/2017
Good letter.Kneeling against America, against cops, behind criminals, to push the lie of "hands up d... More »
Re: Sixty minutes Harvey segment     09/25/2017
What the future may hold for coastal cities?  Sounds like global warming drivel.... More »
Re: Texans STAND and lock arms during anthem     09/25/2017
Meanwhile, the Texans post game show was all about support for the kneelers.One caller went on about... More »
I Have to Tell Someone How to Do Their Job?     09/22/2017
New sim card in new phone didn't work.Moved the new sim card to the old phone.  It still didn't wor... More »

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