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Enzo     12/06/2012
Aww :) if he's at least 6 months I'd get him neutered. Wheatens are not a slow maturing breed and if... More »
how far do you     12/05/2012
@notfromhere: 1. I don't have a job and can't balance one between the type of program I'm in... More »
Howdy Gang, 'specially the Ladeeze........     12/05/2012
Would you let the person bring their dog to work with them? :D... More »
tattoos     12/05/2012
Gaslight Gallery or 713 are the only shops in Houston I go to. Im kind of a tattoo snob ;p... More »
how far do you     12/05/2012
@CupcakeMama: I drive on 45. I am one of the unlucky ones. ... More »
how far do you     12/05/2012
I am a full time student. 90 mile round trip to school and back. I get up at 4 am. I hate my life!... More »
profile pic     12/04/2012
Dogs rule ... More »
tattoos     12/04/2012
14 and counting. ... More »
Black Boxer pup .... ?     12/03/2012
No ethical breeder would purposely breed for solid black or solid black with white. The AKC does not... More »
Tarantula on the Trail     11/29/2012
Shoulda captured it and listed on Craigslist, get some Christmas money lol.... More »
More Reasons to like Houston Sports     11/28/2012
@Horsemagic: Yep, we are a totally dumbed down society and it's very male visually driven. ... More »
German shepards     11/27/2012
@doddlebug: German Shepherds are a medium sized working breed by standard. They aren't suppo... More »
Muay Thai     11/27/2012
Nice! Have fun and enjoy the scenery :)... More »
Found Dog!!     11/27/2012
@SLAYDONPLACE: Sorry, the one in my avatar is my pet. Hope you find yours soon.... More »
German shepards     11/27/2012
@hgmag: Here's a start: ... More »
German shepards     11/26/2012
@Horsemagic: Exactly. If I had a dime for everytime I heard someone say they wanted a GSD ... More »
German shepards     11/26/2012
Ok thank you for the info. I'm wondering though why she doesn't know what breeder to go to if she ha... More »
Professional pet pictures?     11/26/2012
Yes! Contact me! :) I photograph rescue dogs for free. I'm I'm Pearland right now though so if you c... More »
German shepards     11/26/2012
Err...dbug, if I was on my desktop I'd counterpoint everything you just said. I also remember when y... More »
Genghis Grill     11/26/2012
One of my favorite restaurants! There's one right by my school. Yummmmm... More »

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