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Re: Spot     10/16/2012
Spot, get better please!!!... More »
Re: Walking Dead...     10/15/2012
For dog owner fans of the show:[img][/img]... More »
Re: Hey Jamie     10/15/2012
DD is my friend in real life and my brown dog has a crush on his brown dog. I got 517 mentions!! hah... More »
Hey Jamie     10/14/2012
Not enough!... More »
I lost...     10/14/2012
DD, I had 56 mentions. Come on you can do better than that! :)... More »
Big Life Change....     10/14/2012
@DiverDude: I totally geek out for stuff like that!... More »
Big Life Change....     10/13/2012
I WANT THE SHELL!!!... More »
Mike Vick- Dog Owner     10/13/2012
@fcabanski: Woooosh.... More »
Re: Dog Walk - Oct 14     10/13/2012
@N+T: Sent you a pm... More »
Dog Walk - Oct 14     10/13/2012
Atascocita petco grooming salon. It's $20 for a brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning. I can just brush... More »
Big Life Change....     10/12/2012
I still think you should be a saltwater fish/coral collector for a company!... More »
Dog Walk - Oct 14     10/12/2012
I'm working this Sunday, sorry I'll miss it!... More »
Mike Vick- Dog Owner     10/12/2012
Because it would make total sense to allow Andrea Yates to have children after torturing and murderi... More »
Another Fatal Pit Bull Attack     10/11/2012
Here's when BSL comes back to bite owners of non bully breeds in the butt: "The city of Etowah,... More »
If you found $250,000 cash...     10/10/2012
@mm4731: Hey, you said you were a firm believer in that policy, not me!... More »
If you found $250,000 cash...     10/10/2012
@mm4731: I don't think parents who have lost their kids in shopping centers and amusement pa... More »
Movie Ticket Contest on KDC!     10/10/2012
I must win these!!... More »
Enzo's indoor doghouse(update)     10/09/2012
Poor little Enzo Potter! [img] More »
Re: blow my whistle     10/09/2012
@TheTruthHurts: Yep! He kept insisting that that was better than sex, lolol. He tried aaaanythin... More »
Re: blow my whistle     10/09/2012
@mpjp0907: That's nothing...I actually had a boyfriend in highschool that said this was our song... More »

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