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Re: USA USA USA USA     02/15/2014
MAN we got gold, silver and bronze in slope style skiing! WHOOHOO! It's a very exciting sport, I am ... More »
Re: Glade Valley Vet on Northpark     02/14/2014
Loop 494 Vet for my furbabies...rarely disappointed with their services.... More »
Re: Dear Winter,     02/12/2014
@mm4731: AHH! Noooo, you'll jinx it!Some of us have dogs and we'd rather not take them for a wal... More »
Re: funnies 3     02/11/2014
@FoFa: Because God doesn't have to work for under minimum wage, nod and smile to to crappy custo... More »
Re: Rainbow loom organizer     02/11/2014
Be careful what you buy...I ran across this while looking to see what's so 'big' about this Rainbow ... More »
Re: German Christian lady defies muslim imam praying in a Lutheran Church.     02/11/2014
I guess I wasn't reading closely enough. So this was an 'official' prayer event with Muslims and Chr... More »
Re: What is your favorite health food on menus?     02/11/2014
Re: Mother Nature's Cruel Joke     02/11/2014
I'm 24 and my mom cheerfully announced that I have up to 30 more years of you-know-what. It ain't fi... More »
Re: German Christian lady defies muslim imam praying in a Lutheran Church.     02/11/2014
I wonder what Obama would think of it?... More »
Re: WORST MOOD EVER     02/11/2014
Music often helps me when I'm in a bad mood. I either listen to upbeat music (such as Jim Croce's 'B... More »
Re: it's so hard to get good suicide bomb instructors     02/11/2014
I know I shouldn't laugh at this.Too late.... More »
Re: So happy!     02/11/2014
I miss him but I felt a lot better when I saw how happy Fonzie and the kids were :)... More »
Re: Obamacare new news     02/11/2014
Who wants to start a colony in Alaska until 2016?... More »
Re: Mother Nature's Cruel Joke     02/11/2014
Why is it that only human females have to go through this certain biological process?... More »
Re: Valentine's Day ?     02/11/2014
None. Single gal here...despite my Very Catholic Aunt's predictions that I will not be single for lo... More »
Re: Chat???     02/11/2014
Does KDC not like Firefox?... More »
Re: Chat???     02/11/2014
No chat here either.... More »
So happy!     02/11/2014
I found a home for my wonderful dog, Fonzie. He now has kids to spoil and play with him and is going... More »
Re: has a gift card to give away to So Chocolate!     02/11/2014
I could really use some fancy pants chocolate :)... More »
Re: Welfare mother brags about staying home     02/09/2014
HOW do these people manage to milk the system? Is it because she popped out a few kids?... More »

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