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I'm a racist!!!     09/20/2016
@mutton: You racist! ... More »
I'm a racist!!!     09/20/2016
I race to the bathroom. I race to the refrigerator during commercials of a football game. I race t... More »
Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt     09/20/2016
I'm sure they both had fun while it lasted. ... More »
What is it about football?     09/18/2016
@DanStanton: Actually, it's the former University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux mascot. Now... More »
What is it about football?     09/17/2016
@ForeCPA90: That's a shame, too, because the game can be fun to watch at times. I stopped wa... More »
What is it about football?     09/17/2016
@allymansfield: I watch rugby. It's a man's sport, unlike soccer. Rugby is brutal but so muc... More »
What is it about football?     09/16/2016
Because it's a man's sport and not for the weak. That's what soccer is for. Oh...I got kicked in the... More »
Could the news media be biased?     09/15/2016
At the country club I visit, they had CNN on. They were hammering Pence for NOT using the word deplo... More »
Who's gonna win tonight?     09/14/2016
Donald Trump Hillary will shake and bake before her acting then blame it in the air conditioning.... More »
This is the most disturbing thing I've ever read!     09/14/2016
Disgusting. I never hope anyone burns in hell, but these people deserve it. ... More »
Hillary has medical episode at 9/11 event     09/13/2016
That's because it's not pneumonia. People aren't THAT dumb...not even Democrats. For once, I wis... More »
Hillary has medical episode at 9/11 event     09/12/2016
She's a (s)tool. Heat exhaustion, at 77*? Yeah, not buying it. The people aren't buying it eithe... More »
Texans record projection     09/10/2016
9-7, maybe 8-8. Until I see that Osweiler can get the job done on a regular basis, this is what I'll... More »
A Wife WTF moment     09/08/2016
@podunk: Only in Jaxton, TX it is. ... More »
A Wife WTF moment     09/07/2016
@BooBear: Oh yes I can. I'm Jax...owner and CEO of the what is significant and what isn't co... More »
A Wife WTF moment     09/07/2016
@BooBear: Noooooo. It's insignificant. ... More »
Mayor Believes New Textbook Is Racist     09/07/2016
You discriminatory bass turd. Shame on you. :haha: Let's get :crazy: by drinking some :beer: :win... More »
Apparently it is loose ... More »
Catsup     09/07/2016
It should've been called catsdown. ... More »

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