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Found Chihuahua     08/07/2017
You picked up somebody else's dog? I'd file charges for theft. Leave the dogs alone. ... More »
Burgers     08/07/2017
Juicy burger ever! ... More »
FBI lied, say it isn't so     08/07/2017
Can the citizens believe ANY government entities? ... More »
Favorite Villain Of All Time     08/07/2017
George Soros ... More »
Did anyone catch that phone number?     08/07/2017
Ahhh medical excuse to drug yourself. I don't need drugs. I'm high on life. ... More »
Women...     08/06/2017
There must be a game going on below. That's the only time women actually want to talk to their man. ... More »
Martin Shkreli again     08/05/2017
@friday1: I'm above everyone else. Well, most everyone else. I'm taller than the average per... More »
How 'bout that jobs report and 16 year unemployment low?     08/05/2017
@HollyHobby: Ok, Bill Clinton, that was funny. I'm sure some young folks don't understand th... More »
Hot Dogs...mustard or ketchup?     08/05/2017
@squirtismyboy: And NO beans....ever. ... More »
Hot Dogs...mustard or ketchup?     08/04/2017
Mustard for me, along with onions. ... More »
Poll     08/04/2017
@ET: Oh hell no I won't eat chili with beans. I'd rather cut my tongue out with a dull knife... More »
Poll     08/04/2017
@BooBear: YES...and only meat chili ... More »
Poll     08/04/2017
I'm surprised at all the peeps who put beans in chili. You see, it's not called bean chili, it's cal... More »
Poll     08/04/2017
Depends on your preference. My preference is NO beans...period. There's a reason why a bean chili re... More »
36 years ago today     08/03/2017
@friday1: I want Jennifer Aniston, and that doesn't change when she's dating another man. So... More »
36 years ago today     08/03/2017
[youtube][/youtube] This song hit #1. Damn, I'm old! ... More »
Dinosaur facts     08/03/2017
@beastmode: Those idiot scientists. Don't they know that Al Gore has all the answers? ... More »
Time for football!!     08/03/2017
@ForeCPA90: 1. NASCAR 2. Soccer 3. NFL 4. Baseball 5. Golf Golf on a normal weekend ... More »
Time for football!!     08/03/2017
NFL Sunday is a great time to get a nap in. The games are boring because of the constant, repeating ... More »
MOD Pizza Opens In Kingwood     08/03/2017
They have a lot of those style pizza joints here in the Austin area. Pieology and Blaze Pizza are my... More »

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