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On my way to Tita's     04/22/2017
@donnatella: You mean I didn't have you at Tita's? Fewer liberals is just a bonus. ... More »
On my way to Tita's     04/22/2017
@donnatella: Oh hell no. Tita's is the mother of all breakfasts. It makes the world a better... More »
How Two Series     04/22/2017
I tried that recipe...didn't turn out too well. So I just connected the water line to my refrigerato... More »
On my way to Tita's     04/22/2017
I wish. Instead, I guess I'll go to Whataburger on my way to my mums. ... More »
samsung galaxy and LG phones     04/22/2017
I have the S7 Edge. Love it. Have dropped it twice, no cracks or breaks. All smartphones are good... More »
~ Jesus Is Lord ~     04/22/2017
Good read, any day, and time. ... More »
Write a happy story in four words     04/21/2017
Regional golf tournament starts Monday. ... More »
Write a happy story in four words     04/21/2017
Tita's Taco House RULES. ... More »
Write a happy story in four words     04/21/2017
Bye bye Killary Clinton. ... More »
Write a happy story in four words     04/21/2017
No more Barack Hussein.... More »
~ Jesus Is Lord ~     04/20/2017
I don't like asparagus, so I avoid it. It really isnt that difficult. I think that type if avoidance... More »
For the people who feel the need to comment about handicapped parking     04/20/2017
When you get older, you stop giving a ship what others think. Here's a quote you should all understa... More »
Two Pit Bulls kill Woman and Dog in OK     04/08/2017
Pit Bulls attack a lot of people. That's not a fallacy, that's a fact. However, not all Pits are vic... More »
Tony Romo     04/05/2017
@sweetie: No, he wouldn't have been an asset. He would have put a financial strain on the Te... More »
Tony Romo     04/05/2017
Goodbye average guy. For a guy who did so much, he did so little. Good riddance! ... More »
Finally, good news!     03/30/2017
Thanks you crazy kids, you. ... More »
Finally, good news!     03/30/2017
My baby received $32,000+ in scholarship money to play volleyball in North Carolina, a DII private s... More »
Soooo your kids have all grown up....     03/30/2017
Taking a vacation...17 years since my last one, so I'm gonna enjoy this one in June. ... More »
Democrats only won two states not touching the ocean.     03/30/2017
An ocean, huh? Did you skip a lot of school when you were young? ... More »
The Torchy's Tacos Sign Is Up     03/28/2017
We have several here in the Austin area. I rarely visit. When I do, I just get the queso. The tacos ... More »

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