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My high school band is playing the inauguration     01/16/2017
You're in HS? ... More »
Favorite local Mexican restaurant....     01/13/2017
Tita's Taco House ... More »
Favorite Food Truck?     01/12/2017
Favorite food truck or favorite food served from a truck? ... More »
Anyone lose     01/10/2017
Don't you mean loose? :haha: ... More »
Sec championship     01/10/2017
ACC was the bowl game champions this yer, posting a 9-3 record. Big 12 was next. Win percentage, ... More »
U2 Coming to H-Town!     01/10/2017
I don't like U2, but I never have. Has nothing to do with politics. I just don't like their sound as... More »
U2 Coming to H-Town!     01/10/2017
I'd love to win tickets just so I can sell them to suckers who adore them. I could make a hefty prof... More »
Ford bringing back the Bronco     01/10/2017
I wouldn't buy a Ford if Ford was giving them away for $1.00 They'd be in the repair shop more th... More »
Directional debate, who is right?     01/07/2017
@BooBear: Great, but no matter if you are going north, south, east or west, the mall will AL... More »
Directional debate, who is right?     01/07/2017
@BooBear: You're also west of 59. ... More »
Directional debate, who is right?     01/07/2017
The mall is on the northwest corner of 1960 and 59. Which way you're driving is irrelevant. ... More »
Directional debate, who is right?     01/07/2017
In reference to 59, if you go on east or west on 1960, the businesses are located either north or so... More »
The Obamas throw one last White House bash!!     01/07/2017
Rest assured, when the new president screws up, even we, the republicans and right leaning centrists... More »
You Can Only Rescue One!     01/05/2017
If I pull up and see its Hillary, I go save the dog. :happy: I'd save the human. I can get anothe... More »
What are you leaving behind in 2016?     01/01/2017
My dad :sad: ... More »
Fake news?     01/01/2017
If he did, it must have been stopped because she isn't dead. ... More »
Re:     01/01/2017
@Gramoda: Somebody missed the humor in the thread. Not sure who, though. ... More »
Resolutions?     01/01/2017
1. To drink more 2. Care only about what others think 3. Use Auto Incorrect on my phone more 4. E... More »
Re:     01/01/2017
@Gramoda: Sure it is. You call me Jax, which is a name. Therefore, name calling. Geesh! L... More »
It is going to be a boring inauguaration for Trump fans     12/30/2016
I have only watched 1 inauguration in my 49 years of existence....Reagans. I don't care for the ente... More »

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