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Re: Pit Bull "mix" kills baby     05/19/2012
@PedroDePacas: yes they're perfectly harmless critters.  It's all overblown by the ca... More »
Re: SprintGuy Should Be Happy-Verizon Ending...     05/17/2012
or only do it when you're wifi connected? ... More »
Lake Houston Sports and Recreation Foundation     05/10/2012
A group whose goal is to help our lake become a more attractive spot for fishing, recreation etc, ha... More »
Re:     05/09/2012
hey now, be careful what you wish for!I am nearing the end of my career as a baseball parent, and I'... More »
Re: Golf's Greats     05/06/2012
Here's one of the best shot's I could get from yesterday. ... More »
Re:     05/06/2012
cool, i hope the book was good, seems like it was going to be... More »
Re: Golf's Greats     05/06/2012
Here's my son and sister and Mom watching from the Insperity tent, great day for my Mom too ... More »
Re:     05/06/2012
Arnie on the 14th ... More »
Golf's Greats     05/06/2012
I went to the Insperity Championship yesterday to see the tournament, and yes more so to see "Golf's... More »
Re:     05/03/2012
I wanted to see them last week but it got postponed til this weekend because of rain. But AHS has a ... More »
Re:     05/03/2012
I just had one of their cupcakes today at a luncheon I was at.  Very good stuff! (not on the Wellne... More »
National Day Of Prayer Today     05/03/2012
Hope it's not the ONLY day you pray !! More »
Re:     05/02/2012
Congrats!!!!!... More »
Re:     05/02/2012
Tamilflu only works at the first sign of symptoms.cold baths/rags don't break the fever, they may br... More »
Re:     05/02/2012
"death by sugar", what the standard American diet (SAD) will do to you.  Pretty much creates a bree... More »
Re:     05/01/2012
no 90's yet in forecast for this week....... More »
Re:     05/01/2012
It's Wellness Wednesday in our office, sampling homemade juice with our patients.... More »
Re: Pic of non poisonous snake     05/01/2012
@mogopups: urban legend, even told in my wife's class recently, story's been out for years. htt... More »
Re:     05/01/2012
a generation ago, Type II diabetes (the preventable kind) was known as Adult Onset Diabetes.  You k... More »
Obese Kids and Disease     05/01/2012
If you've got an obese child, don't just think it's an outward physical problem, it's an inside phys... More »

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