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Prayer request     07/06/2017
I met with Piper's vet and he said the sooner we get her spleen with the mass out, the better. Surg... More »
Re: High grass     07/06/2017
Watch out for snakes in that high grass while you are picking up after your dog.... More »
Re: Town Center Fireworks     07/06/2017
@BeSome1You want his job, don't you?... More »
Re: and so it begins...UGH     07/06/2017
@Andreweggplant: 'pee and poop' -  lady-like  version of what @cmg10sne1 says:giggle:... More »
Re: 4th celebration     07/06/2017
[img][/img]... More »
Re: Better for leftovers/cold??     07/05/2017
@theplaceboutique: I can't agree on this.  I prefer warm food anyway so I nuk... More »
Re: Town center fireworks debacle     07/05/2017
Why does there have to be two (or 3)? The businesses at the harbor forked out money to put a sh... More »
Re: My kitty is oh so smart.......take a look     07/05/2017
[img]src="/message_board/forumimgs/462972144068463.png" width="497"<[/img]hmmmm... More »
Re: Prayer request     07/05/2017
@Ruger5: Thank you :)... More »
Cranky!     07/05/2017
Look on the bright's a short work week!!And they Astros beat the Yankees (2 out of 3 ... More »
Re: Question     07/05/2017
What is his job? Is Tony a volunteer?┬áPeople complain every year. Would make me feel like not going... More »
Re: Town center fireworks debacle     07/05/2017
There are lots of complaints every year.... More »
Prayer request     07/04/2017
@CBP210 I forgot to add the photo of the liquid glucosamine. [img] More »
Prayer request     07/04/2017
@CBP210 I think it's easier to put liquid in their food rather than give them a pill. I ordered ... More »
I never realized that stores...     07/03/2017
@podunk: What sale?!!... More »
Re: Food poisoning     07/03/2017
@AnnieAre you not sure which one made you sick?... More »
Re: 4th of July plans??     07/03/2017
My company will close at noon with the stock market.... More »
Re: @JerryJustice ...Torchy's Tacos....     07/03/2017
If you go alone or just don't want to fill up on queso, they do sell a half order.I was full having ... More »
Prayer request     07/02/2017
@herron1345 That you and to all my KDC friends. Piper and I feel the :love: Her appetite has impr... More »
Dogs don't like .....     07/01/2017
Pets need to be kept inside where they are safe. Mine are terrified but you can only control what i... More »

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