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Re: @JerryJustice ...Torchy's Tacos....     07/03/2017
If you go alone or just don't want to fill up on queso, they do sell a half order.I was full having ... More »
Prayer request     07/02/2017
@herron1345 That you and to all my KDC friends. Piper and I feel the :love: Her appetite has impr... More »
Dogs don't like .....     07/01/2017
Pets need to be kept inside where they are safe. Mine are terrified but you can only control what i... More »
Re:     07/01/2017
Say Hot Biscuit and you'll get the attention of @@nycoil.... More »
Prayer request     06/30/2017
@CBP210: I'm sorry to hear. Are you giving her glucosamine? So hard to see their health de... More »
Prayer request     06/30/2017
She ate this evening. I mixed some tuna with their kibble. They all love it. She went on a short w... More »
Re: Friday's Contest Winner     06/30/2017
**congratulations!!***... More »
Re: Crap! Help!!!!     06/30/2017
haha, you are the CRAZY BAT LADY!  :bat:... More »
Re: Prayer request     06/30/2017
She didn't want to eat this morning.The more I read about kidney issues, the more depressed I get. ... More »
Re: I bought a car.     06/30/2017
@cadorThe E350 is a beautiful car!You and TxSunDvl got me looking at the MBs!... More »
Re: I bought a car.     06/30/2017
yay!  All you need now is a KDC sticker  :)... More »
Prayer request     06/29/2017
Geez, took my girl in to check her kidneys and found out there is a mass on her spleen. Needs to co... More »
Prayer request     06/29/2017
I'm waiting to speak to the vet about the CT scan. Her blood pressure is a little high so they are... More »
Prayer request     06/29/2017
My Piper has not been herself. After a few tests, found out she is losing protein. The vet referre... More »
Re: No, Peaches, don't argue, just move along     06/28/2017
I think peaches knows which buttons to push.... More »
Re: I swear sometimes I shouldn't have been     06/28/2017
it's 2017 - We don't categorize 'boy' and 'girl' things anymore.... More »
Re: Whoooo??     06/27/2017
Such big eyes he has!... More »
I went fishing!     06/27/2017
We didn't keep anything. None were that big. Here is the first one I caught. [img]https://www.... More »
Re: Going To Far     06/27/2017
yea, getting ridiculousNo warning about nuts?... More »
I went fishing!     06/27/2017
I went night fishing while I was in Corpus Christi this past weekend with cousins.I didn't know I wo... More »

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