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We've lost a traffic citation     06/06/2017
Fight it? They send a photo with proof. The amount does keep going up if you don't pay in time. ... More »
Re: When you sell a vehicle, remove EVERYTHING     06/06/2017
Last car sale I made, we met at the place where the new owner paid the tax, got a title and got the ... More »
Re: We've lost a traffic citation     06/06/2017
Let me guess, 1960 and Townsen?I got one earlier this year. More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner     06/06/2017
@buffaloglennCongratulations!!... More »
How long should someone wait...     06/05/2017
Some people will talk no matter how long you wait. Sounds like you're ready. Go for it. Life is shor... More »
Kingwood Man Sentenced, Still On The Run     06/05/2017
He is already in Mexico.... More »
London under attack again?     06/04/2017
Did they go ahead with the benefit concert?... More »
Looks like I need to find a body shop     06/04/2017
Sorry to hear you were in a wreck. Glad the damage is minimal and you're ok!... More »
I'm in the Woodlands     06/04/2017
@herron1345 Thanks for offering to come get me!!... More »
I'm in the Woodlands     06/04/2017
I'm home now. I made it to my favorite store over there. [img] More »
I'm in the Woodlands     06/04/2017
Terrible stormy weather. I'm hunkered down in The World Market. ... More »
And POOF!     06/04/2017
the rain headed here went POOF! what else?... More »
Breaking News from Retired Engineer     06/03/2017
Wiggle it. Just a little bit. :sing:... More »
KW Farmer's Market     06/03/2017
I think the market is in town center today. I passed by around 8 this morning. Saw lots of people se... More »
Guess who went viral     06/03/2017
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Bashing someone for theirs isn't going to change their way o... More »
Re: Smoker Wood?     06/02/2017
@ZmanI have a small tree that needs cutting down. You cut and it's yours :smile:... More »
Re: Smoker Wood?     06/02/2017
@ZmanThis thread is taking a turn321... More »
Re: Well Peaches is at it again     06/02/2017
@donnatella: Wait, I may be Peaches when the moon is full.    :moon:... More »
Prisoner escape in Humble     06/01/2017
I heard on the news that he was captured. ... More »
Griffin's apology - do you buy it?     05/31/2017
I've been watching Anderson Cooper on CNN and he didn't report on Griffin at all. He spent 5 minutes... More »

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