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Re: Pump Gas in Peace     10/16/2017
I remember when an attendant would pump the gas, clean the windshield & ask if you wanted the oi... More »
Re: Gettin kinda exited now     10/16/2017
You're going to out value every house on your block, especially after this flood.I take it you don't... More »
Re: Motorcyclist/cop chase/shooting (KW Dr / Chestnut Ridge Dr) new gas station     10/16/2017
I have a feeling @Chad will be interviewed by the news station that gets there first.  They may wan... More »
Re: Motorcyclist/cop chase/shooting (KW Dr / Chestnut Ridge Dr) new gas station     10/16/2017
Wonder why they felt they had to shoot him.... More »
Re: Anyone willing to take on the challange?     10/16/2017
@ZMAN: KDC spankin' meetup! It'll have to be the one on Northpark because Town Cent... More »
Re: ~KDC Superlatives~     10/16/2017
11.) most time on their hands:lol:... More »
Re: Threw some shrimp on the barbie last night.     10/16/2017
@ZMan@Humble MommyThe shrimp and soup look so yummy!!What kind of fish do you put in the soup?ZMan, ... More »
Re: How do you feel when others call you...     10/16/2017
@theplaceboutique: If it makes you uncomfortable, you need to speak up.  If it bothers you then i... More »
Costco & others     10/16/2017
There were about 12 18-wheeler trucks lined up in their lot this morning. I guess they're ready for ... More »
Kid Correa     10/14/2017
I had texted my sister that I was predicting a home run by Marwin. He was up next. His wife just a :... More »
ALC festival (& dog collars)     10/14/2017
@Nurse3: Good to see you and your girls too. Did your doggies have a good nap? The heat rea... More »
Verlander     10/14/2017
@Traveler500: If it makes you feel good, do it! ... More »
Verlander     10/14/2017
@HollyHobby: It's their year!! Astros all the way!! What a great group of guys. I :hear... More »
Verlander     10/14/2017
I like bling...anywhere.... More »
Verlander     10/14/2017
WOOHOO!! ... More »
Verlander     10/14/2017
He has pitched the whole Game! 117 pitches so far!!... More »
Verlander     10/14/2017
He is hot! Is that his girlfriend they keep showing? She is wearing a sequin top!! ... More »
ALC festival (& dog collars)     10/14/2017
I will be there with my foster dog around 11. Come say hi! [img] More »
ALC festival (& dog collars)     10/14/2017
It's ALC Fall fest time this Saturday: Twyla's Friends Rescue willwill have a booth setup from 10am ... More »

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