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Re: trouble getting on KDC     01/20/2017
battery? what battery?I backed out and closed all windows. I will probably shut it down and reboot.... More »
Re: trouble getting on KDC     01/20/2017
Never mind, it didn't show up this time.:)... More »
trouble getting on KDC     01/20/2017
Every time I try to get on to KDC on my Android, a message pops up saying there are major virus on m... More »
Re: Flat screen 55 inch recycling     01/19/2017
I think Best Buy will take it. More »
Accident Report     01/19/2017
Hope no one is hurt. How is the car?... More »
Where am i?     01/18/2017
@dottie573 Yes, the pack was restless. I have laminate floor and I hear them walking around c... More »
Where am i?     01/18/2017
Can't sleep. KDC has been taken over by China!... More »
And here we go...     01/16/2017
why? what have I missed?... More »
Help with putting a Kitten in a shelter or forever home     01/14/2017
whose privates? or who's privates? ... More »
Texans     01/14/2017
oh well.... More »
Texans     01/14/2017
@Andreweggplant: don't say that out loud!! see what you did!! lol... More »
Texans     01/14/2017
Texans 31 Patriots 28 in OT! :P... More »
Lost dog Bear branch     01/14/2017
he is busy eating steak and watching the game!... More »
Oranges please     01/13/2017
free tastes better who doesn't like free? :P... More »
Lola     01/11/2017
Thanks everyone! @Fallon, I plan to be in New Orleans on Feb 17 weekend. I will bring back some K... More »
Happy birthday andreweggplant !!     01/11/2017
Hope you had a great birthday and I wish you happiness all year long!... More »
Re: Happy Birthday...     01/11/2017
Thank you @Thechad and everyone else who wished me a happy birthday here and on Facebook! ┬áIt means... More »
Tuesday's Contest Winner     01/10/2017
Congratulations!!... More »
Re: Famous Sequoia tree     01/09/2017
Did anyone hear it fall?... More »
Re: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary     01/06/2017
@ET: because blending it up makes it that much more of a sacrifice... More »

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