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Re: New Building near Kroger @ Northpark/59?     03/01/2016
@Dbstelly: I asked several of the businesses in that area, and they were told it was going to be... More »
Water Main Break     03/01/2016
In case you haven't noticed, there's been a major water main break on WLH for quite a while. Council... More »
KDC Contest - 3/1/16 - Texas Roadhouse     03/01/2016
Hey there KDCers! Your contest has begun for today. The winner will receive a $25 gift card to Texas... More »
Super Tuesday     03/01/2016
March 1 is Super Tuesday, the day on which Texas voters can vote in primary elections for local, sta... More »
Mayor Turner Addresses Kingwood     03/01/2016
Mayor Sylvester Turner speaks about traffic, growth, road repair, and more at the first of two Distr... More »
lookingforourdog - Welcome!     02/29/2016
Welcome to the message boards @lookingforourdog ... More »
Welcome piratebabygirl !!     02/29/2016
@piratebabygirl - Welcome to the Forums! ... More »
Welcome angelhrt !!     02/29/2016
Welcome @angelhrt! ... More »
Getting To Know Your Local Businesses     02/29/2016
As part of our ongoing "Getting to Know Your Local Businesses" series, we sat down with Bill Kayali ... More »
Welcome bevallison !!     02/29/2016
@bevallison - Welcome! ... More »
KDC Anniversary today for: RockyIII, SomeGirl, mgarza24, janiej!!     02/29/2016
Congratulations: It's [url=]RockyII... More »
TheBlueFamily - Welcome to the Forums!     02/27/2016
Welcome to the message boards @TheBlueFamily ... More »
Welcome Flowers33!     02/27/2016
@Flowers33 - Welcome to the Forums! ... More »
Cracker Barrel's Flip It Forward Day     02/26/2016
Cracker Barrel announces their “Flip It Forward Day” ...A nationwide fundraiser to support Ameri... More »
Friday's Contest Winner!     02/26/2016
The winner of the Posting Party, for a Massage at Massage Heights ~ Kings Crossing is..... More »
Welcome kwood17 !!     02/26/2016
Welcome to @kwood17! ... More »
Welcome Vi3tjen!     02/26/2016
Welcome @Vi3tjen !! ... More »

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