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Re: new sams     01/25/2017
@AuthorMan @OldGuyI embedded the video for y'all.  @Momof2boyz: ... More »
Re: new sams     01/25/2017
Just left there. It's nice. Some key differences I noticed are the walk-in coolers for dairy/produce... More »
FLU Symptoms Spike Around Kingwood     01/25/2017
Here's a little PSA from a local school nurse:The local doctor’s offices and urgent care centers h... More »
Re: Brand new never worn New Balance women's size 7 tennis shoes     01/24/2017
@Destiny1986: Please use the classifieds section.  :thanks: https://www.kingwood... More »
Tuesday's Contest Winner     01/24/2017
The winner of the Posting Party for a $25 gift card to Olive Garden is …................ More »
Re: Women's rights     01/23/2017
Keep it civil, guys...... More »
Re: Snowflakes     01/23/2017
@mdizzleIt's so pervasive, if I banned everyone who insulted anyone, half the forum would be gone.Wh... More »
Re: Snowflakes are Ignorant     01/23/2017
@mdizzle -- did I miss something? What is the empty threat in this thread?... More »
Re: Credit Card Thief Shops In Kingwood     01/20/2017
@Ebola: Not yet. The victim and HPD Detective had just started the process of loc... More »
Re: Credit Card Thief Shops In Kingwood     01/20/2017
@OldGuy: I worded it that way because the victim still has her credit cards. The s... More »
Threads on KDC     01/20/2017
Some of the recent threads are getting a little out of control. I get that the atmosphere is generat... More »
Credit Card Thief Shops In Kingwood     01/20/2017
Police need help identifying this woman!She is wanted in connection with using stolen credit card in... More »
Re: trouble getting on KDC     01/20/2017
@lola @burnswayIf it happens again, please take note of what page you're on at the time (the specifi... More »
Friday's Contest Winner     01/20/2017
The winner of the Posting Party for a $50 Gift Card to Amedeo's is ….................... More »
Re: Flooding meeting postponed due to.... Flooding     01/18/2017
Oops. Didn't see this before posting the same thing. Thanks for being on top of it, @beastmode ~C... More »
Flood, Rain & Irony     01/18/2017
Council Member Martin has decided to postpone this evening's Flooding and Storm Surge Symposium. Due... More »
1985 Abduction Case Solved     01/17/2017
A Houston woman has been arrested after it was discovered she was wanted for abducting her two daugh... More »
Tuesday's Contest Winner     01/17/2017
The winner of the Posting Party for a $25 Gift Card to Joe’s Crab Shack is ….......... More »
Parents Getting Spam Email     01/17/2017
This has been brought to our attention several times over the last couple years. It involves parents... More »
Friday's Contest Winner     01/13/2017
The winner of the Posting Party for a $25 Gift Card to Pappasitos Cantina is ….......... More »

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