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Re: Kingwood drive flooded yet?     01/18/2017
Ship traffic is out for the barges tho....:-):-)... More »
The russians did it!!... More »
good morning!!!     01/12/2017
Me n coffee.....and scratchin where it itches....ahhhhhGreat day started already!Its n... More »
Ahhhh one hot     01/11/2017
Cuppa coffee, an everything bagel toasted with locals  honey  and  cream cheese.....a perfect tex... More »
ya know, there is a fine line     01/08/2017
between a numeratorand a denominator.........only a fraction of the folks on this forum will find th... More »
Your STRIPPER     01/08/2017
NAME for today (since its too doggone cold for anything else this early)is the color of your underw... More »
uh uh.....nope....     01/07/2017
No coffee out on bavk porch this morning!!!Its c c c c c c COLD out there!!!!!... More »
Re: it perky nipple     01/06/2017
Aman my ol ass got cold........!!... More »
it perky nipple     01/06/2017
Weather out there!!!!  brrrr came in to warm up!... More »
Re: Tuesday's Contest Winner     01/03/2017
Yay!... More »
My internet is way slow tonight     01/02/2017
not as snappy as usual...THIS IS half my usual speed.[URL= More »
The fight started     01/02/2017
Jan just sat down on the settee next to me as I was flipping channels. She asked, 'What's on TV?' ... More »
So got the new lights installed........     01/02/2017
whaddya think??Worked out perfect....... More »
OMG Beer contains female hormones!     01/02/2017
This is alarming Beer contains female hormones! Y... More »
Penile Granite     01/02/2017
A man wakes up in the hospital bandaged from head to foot. The doctor comes in and says, "Ah, I see... More »
Cleavage     01/02/2017
Cleavage is like the sun. You can only glance at it for a second. But if you wear d... More »
Re: Posting Contest Gift Card     01/02/2017
That IS strange... I have been using the one I got........ same one for 14 times now. Gonna use it ... More »
Re: whoa!!!!     01/02/2017
Wow! Cant drain fast enough comin up on porch! ... More »

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