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Re: Treasury Secretary wants no debt limit     02/04/2013
Do you understand what the debt ceiling is?  Because it's not a good idea.  The debt ceiling is NO... More »
Re: 2 lessons     10/08/2012
The stagflation of the 1970's wasn't caused by Keynesian economic policies, it was the result of a n... More »
Re: 2 lessons     10/07/2012
Supply side is what's responsible for the current economic mess we're in.  We deregulated banks aft... More »
Re: 2 lessons     10/06/2012
  @Fallon: Supply side economics is the driving force behind the widening inequality in the Unite... More »
Re: 2 lessons     10/05/2012
@FoFa: And yet it's not. Trickle down is what Mitt Romney wants to do: give tax breaks to thos... More »
Re: New way to have prayer in school     10/05/2012
In a public school (i.e. government run) it is, and should be, illegal to have school sponsored pray... More »
Re: 2 lessons     10/05/2012
This has been posted on here before and I'll say the same thing I did last time.  This is an inaccu... More »
Re: Political Question/Thought     09/27/2012
The attitudes of political parties change over time.  The Republican party used to be the liberal p... More »
Re: Another embassy attack     09/15/2012
We shouldn't be involved in so many foreign countries and we should start cutting aid to countries b... More »
Re: Mormons     09/15/2012
@ TexINSI'm not sure why you're bringing the existence of god into this.  It's not relevant.  Ther... More »
Re: Mormons     09/14/2012
@TexINSInstead of criticizing the conclusions of evolutionary theory, why don't you say which of the... More »
Re: Mormons     09/13/2012
@TexINSLuckily since science is based on evidence and peer reviewed journals, it doesn't matter in t... More »
Re: Mormons     09/13/2012
@TexINS: Oh, I see what you're doing with your "theories by evolutionists".  I'll just let you ... More »
Re: Mormons     09/12/2012
@fcabanski: Not what I said.  I don't care who you vote for.  It's not my business.  Just beca... More »
Re: Mormons     09/08/2012
I didn't mean to imply that I thought Mormons were bad or anything.   I just meant that the history... More »
Mormons     09/08/2012
Do any of you guys know anything about Mormons or the history of Mormons?   If not I seriously reco... More »
Re: Minimum Wage: Raise It to $10/Hour     08/09/2012
@Zephard: You should have to work for a better paying job, but the minimum wage hasn't kept up w... More »
Re: Romney to Reid: 'Put up or shut up'     08/04/2012
Okay, the President is not in control of lawmaking.  The Republican Congress repealed Glass-Stegall... More »
Re: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from m...     08/03/2012
I was really hoping for something related to Arthur C. Clarke.  But I guess this will do :lol:... More »
Re: Romney to Reid: 'Put up or shut up'     08/03/2012
Some examples:   Deregulation of the financial market that led to the recession in 2008 = right  ... More »

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