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Re: I don't care what anyone thinks     02/18/2017
while we are at it....we better not stop fed contributions to amtrak, because we all know the feds k... More »
Re: Trump's two- year presidency     02/12/2017
once again, the left are acting like monkeys in the zoo - flinging crap, hoping SOMETHING will stick... More »
Re: Herbal Teas for Gout     02/10/2017
gout sucks.  I took allopurinol for awhile - yes, it takes a while to kick in.  in fact, for a sho... More »
Re: Ed Secretary     02/07/2017
@Retired_Engineerand that is almost always the case.....and my guess is that your son's school got t... More »
Re: Ed Secretary     02/07/2017
1 to 1 programs are big = one device for every kid... More »
Re: Ed Secretary     02/07/2017
@Retired_Engineer I don't know how many APs are at my son's school, but there are several.  NONE of... More »
Re: Ed Secretary     02/07/2017
The district should have spent the money teaching the teachers.from where?  the textbook fund, cust... More »
Re: Media not reporting on terrorist attacks     02/07/2017
@CC1974:you are absolutely correct, journalism is dead....real, honest journalism should not require... More »
Re: Ed Secretary     02/07/2017
another issue is there are too damn many administrators in school districts today.  that seems to b... More »
Re: Ed Secretary     02/07/2017
They actually work around 6 months out of a yearnot true at all...I believe the current requirement ... More »
Re: Ed Secretary     02/07/2017
another thing that the feds need to be rid of - education needs to be controlled by the  states, no... More »
Re: Intolerant Liberals     02/07/2017
one glaring omission is Faber College.  home of the fighting Mongols.  "Knowledge is good." - E. F... More »
Re: Loving Me Some GaGa Right Now     02/05/2017
not a gaga fan....but that was one of the best halftime shows in a long time... More »
Re: Not sure what the fuss was about     02/04/2017
the queen of mean?... More »
Re: Post Master Home Pages = Kingwood central crime     02/04/2017
#criminallivesmatter... More »
Re: Downtown is Insane     02/02/2017
@lola = lolasmurf ... More »
Re: Words that make you cringe     02/01/2017
stake holder ...... and just about anything that is used as bullet points in a power point.....and d... More »
Re: Time for a change     02/01/2017 no go on the shorts?  what about spandex?... More »
Re: Time for a change     02/01/2017
I'm thinkin about shorter shorts......... More »

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