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Re: Biometric Bracelets for your Middle-School Kids....     03/03/2017
@monyhoneythen you should have taken the fitbit to sherwin williams and strapped it to the paint sha... More »
Re: Trump     03/01/2017
someone brought up jeff skilling's wealth - depending who you believe, it is estimated that he is wo... More »
Re: John Mellencamp     03/01/2017
Two girls, one cup?it was a small town........ More »
Re: Is This Offensive?     03/01/2017
I want a service goat or kangaroo ... More »
Re: cool front     03/01/2017
and I thought this was going to be a topless thread ... More »
Re: Man steals tools from a Florida garage, homeowner....     03/01/2017
are you sure it wasn't a case of undocumented tool rental?... More »
Re: Proving you are "legal"     02/25/2017
Short of us having an ICE command staff officer on this board, all discussion is moot. Of course... More »
Re: Trump     02/24/2017
That mentality is dangerous to - it is healthy skepticism driven by a less than... More »
Re: "bathroom bill"     02/23/2017
on another note - bathroom bill would be a good screen name....especially for an adult website... More »
Re: What is Mexico Doing?     02/22/2017
it may not grant special privileges or recognition - but we as americans should not deny or refuse t... More »
Re: "bathroom bill"     02/22/2017
you can pooh-pooh the texas market all you want, but football is important in texas and if texas was... More »
Re: "bathroom bill"     02/22/2017
and that is exactly why they will not shut out the texas market.  they will rattle their sables and... More »
Re: "bathroom bill"     02/22/2017
and yet the nfl is trying to work out the details for a game in china - and we all know china's huma... More »
Re: I don't care what anyone thinks     02/19/2017
if the arts community is so concerned about the loss of funding, why don't they step up and take ove... More »
Re: I don't care what anyone thinks     02/18/2017
while we are at it....we better not stop fed contributions to amtrak, because we all know the feds k... More »
Re: Trump's two- year presidency     02/12/2017
once again, the left are acting like monkeys in the zoo - flinging crap, hoping SOMETHING will stick... More »
Re: Herbal Teas for Gout     02/10/2017
gout sucks.  I took allopurinol for awhile - yes, it takes a while to kick in.  in fact, for a sho... More »
Re: Ed Secretary     02/07/2017
@Retired_Engineerand that is almost always the case.....and my guess is that your son's school got t... More »
Re: Ed Secretary     02/07/2017
1 to 1 programs are big = one device for every kid... More »

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