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59     08/30/2017
Yes....still shut down at San Jacinto river.....also still shut down at Cleveland ... More »
Places to eat     08/30/2017
Wal mart in porter and new caney both were open when I drove by about an hour ago. Jack in the bo... More »
Tuesday - 12:00 update     08/29/2017
Been on the roads today and here is what I have found: Forrest Cove - trees are down all over. T... More »
Kingwood High School     08/29/2017
I read on Facebook that khs had water and raw sewage in it... More »
Re: Channel 11 says record San Jacinto levels expected     08/27/2017
this isn't the first time channel 11 has flooded - you would have thought they would have learned th... More »
Re: Humble ISDPD Officer     08/23/2017
why don't we just have one police force - a federal police force...eliminate all local entities.  T... More »
Re: Humble ISDPD Officer     08/23/2017
@ETand who will pay for the additional city police protection at the schools?17 different superinten... More »
Re: Humble ISDPD Officer     08/23/2017
there is an humble isd officer that directs traffic by kpark most mornings.have you ever been in a h... More »
Re: Old HEB spot?     08/22/2017
but what if the check out girl was going on about her brand preference for dish soap, the kid baggin... More »
Re: Sudden-stink does it again     08/21/2017
if you called the main (posted on your bill) number, more than likely, you spoke to someone in their... More »
Re: Lonestar Library $23.39 an hour - Part-time     08/20/2017
if trs (the teacher retirement system) still functions like it use to, your retirement check (when y... More »
Re: Lonestar Library $23.39 an hour - Part-time     08/20/2017
@beastmodea lot of the public school librarians work there part time (I know a couple of them).  I ... More »
Re: Lonestar Library $23.39 an hour - Part-time     08/20/2017
Required Qualifications: Master's degree in Library Science.... More »
Re: Would you go to a protest if they want to remove..     08/19/2017
I think cadillac ranch should be the next to go......damn gm products offend me... More »
Re: Shooting last night in Trailwood apartments!     08/16/2017
so, is there a vacancy there now?  what's the rent?... More »
Re: As a parent would you encourage your college student ...     08/14/2017
With all the free poem on the internetI love free poetry!... More »
Re: So How Do You Get Around Your HOA?     08/14/2017
I really do not see how the bear branch hoa has any teeth any more because of the 12 car garage.... More »
Re: So How Do You Get Around Your HOA?     08/13/2017
how do you know @luv2eatsushi is wanting to beat the hoa?  she may be asking why others get away wi... More »
Re: Anyone Else??     08/13/2017
@shodan66I agree with most of what you are saying - go ahead and poke fun at me, but I do believe th... More »

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