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Re: It has ran its course     01/20/2017
But when someone says they done and seen this or that. Nope, that one has to be that st... More »
Re: No Trader Joe's!     01/20/2017
so trader joe's is the new costco?  for years all any kingwoodian wanted was a costco, now one is c... More »
Re: Just in case you had any doubts     01/20/2017
those are not states, they are us territories....and you left out samoa... More »
Re: Best Thing You Ever Got At A Yard Sale?     01/17/2017
love bargain shopping...found a child's armoire/wardrobe  in trailwood -  prob manufactured in the... More »
Re: Kingwood may not be able to handle the following news......     01/17/2017
that churches wasn't like the churches of yore.ron's crispy fried chicken - now that wa... More »
Re: Lola     01/11/2017
@lola  happy birthday!!!... More »
Re: Rockets     01/06/2017
¡Órale!... More »
Re: Rockets     01/06/2017
¡Órale!... More »
Re: Celebrities urging Congress to stop Trump     01/05/2017
We’re getting very close to the time when Trump (and his supporters…) are going to have to lea... More »
Re: You Can Only Rescue One!     01/05/2017
does the person have a sister?will the dog help me meet women?what a dilemma........ More »
Re:     01/05/2017
my next door neighbor's 2nd cousin's sister-in-law's brother's mechanic's lawn man's wife's car pool... More »
Re: WHAT? The Russians did it?     01/04/2017
and it was a youtube video that started benghazi........ More »
Re: Megyn Kelly goodbye     01/04/2017
I hope she takes Shephard Smith with her.she's not his type....I bet megan will head left, maybe not... More »
Re: Building next to Costoo?     01/04/2017
I think it's Main Event. I read that somewhere.I saw that too on some developer's website/map... More »
Re: Anyone watching the Apprentice with Arnold tonight?     01/04/2017
I need some help....can someone please point to where health care is a guaranteed  in the bill of r... More »
Re: Scientology show with Leah Remini     01/03/2017
john osteen was nothing like what his son has become... More »
Re: Talk about the wall?!     01/03/2017
I'm thinking it's the bad attitude biotch over on  brand Xha!  which one?... More »
Re: The meme has a point     01/02/2017
hell....who's trusting cuba?... More »
Re: Women using yards as restoom in kingwood     01/01/2017
if she really had skills, she would have written her name in the grass, just sayin...... More »

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