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Butane soldering iron     04/21/2017
Butane is easy. Buy the burner, solder wire, and fuel and you are good to go. Practice once on spare... More »
Re: Write a happy story in four words     04/21/2017
@imadrummer2k: Got me a pocketful of change.  Two many words, I know...... More »
Re: Vacation Ideas     04/21/2017
We went to the Grand Canyon as part/most of our vacation last summer.  It was terrific.  We stayed... More »
For the people who feel the need to comment about handicapped parking     04/20/2017
@Wipedout: Agreed - if you have the plates, people should shaddup. But also, I quit worrying... More »
Write a sad story only using 3 words!     04/20/2017
Must work tomorrow...... More »
Re: cost to replace coping & waterline tile     04/19/2017
@aggiebutterfly: I don't know what the coping and tile only would cost - we had ou... More »
Re: Bill O'reilly     04/19/2017
Yeah - it sounds like Oreilly is a real piece of work.  ... More »
Re: Your worst job?     04/19/2017
Building wood fences in a couple summers in high school.  Learned some good things but the work was... More »
Re: WTH is wrong w/young ppl today?     04/18/2017
It's probably the same thing that has been wrong with young people for the last 1000 years.  Teenag... More »
Re: I need to do my taxes     04/18/2017
@Fallon: You should have just gone with the flood.  "Oh yes; it flooded here big ... More »
Re: I need to do my taxes     04/18/2017
@ZMAN: Most partnerships don't have to send their K-1's until the end of February,... More »
Re: I need to do my taxes     04/18/2017
One thing to keep in mind for those filing extensions is that, while the IRS allows it, the clock is... More »
Re: Mexican restaurant by Gold's gym     04/13/2017
I have ordered their carnitas tacos.  They are pretty good - as the alien said they are serviceable... More »
Re: U.S. drops MOAB     04/13/2017
@CantStandTex: Hold up; you might be on to something here!!!... More »
Re: A fond farewell Safety44     04/13/2017
@deltadawn: Thanks for letting us know.  I reached out to him last July and offer... More »
Re: Trump and his buddies.     04/12/2017
That's a classic - but they should have put the Trump mask on the tallest guy.  I think Putin is ab... More »
Re: Anyone Know the Wait Time at DOT?     04/12/2017
@SmurfySuzi: DPS, obliged, and agree Cleveland is good but we also struck out ther... More »
Re: Bad gas at Valero     04/11/2017
@ZMAN: I was guessing it was their hot dogs, but you are right:  It was more like... More »
Re: Lung Transplant     04/11/2017
I have a friend who got a double lung transplant.  She was a 20 year smoker who gave it up complete... More »
Re: Identifying Mystery Holes in Yard     04/11/2017
@lola: Moles! [img][/img]... More »

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