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Made some turkey chili     02/23/2015
PERFECT weather for it, it's YUMMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!... More »
Re: Eagle Again...picture.     02/23/2015
... More »
Eagle Again...picture.     02/23/2015
I saw my Lake Houston Eagle again, this time I turned around to get a picture, love seeing America's... More »
Re: Still looking :(     02/20/2015
I do need interview tips for sure! I keep talking myself up and then when it actually happens I forg... More »
Still looking :(     02/20/2015
It's been a month on Thursday since I've been unemployed. I've had a couple of interviews but nothin... More »
Eagle on Lake Houston     02/16/2015
I've always heard stories about Eagles being here but I've never actually seen one in Texas. That al... More »
Re: Laid-off     01/19/2015
Thank you everyone!!! I appreciate the love!!! I'm currently looking as we speak, think I'm going to... More »
Re: Laid-off     01/19/2015
@sapphire: Last I heard they too were doing layoff's. ... More »
Re: Laid-off     01/16/2015
Yes I already have filed just in case, I hopefully have an interview next week with another great co... More »
Laid-off     01/15/2015's official I'm unemployed . I worked for Jacobs Engineering and it started with a hiring ... More »
Re: Cheap Auto Shop?     01/02/2015
V6 ... More »
Re: Cheap Auto Shop?     01/02/2015
10' Dodge Challenger ... More »
Cheap Auto Shop?     01/02/2015
Happy New Year everyone!!!! I have a couple of things that I need to get done to my car, IE rear dif... More »
Re: Do you have a favorite gift?     12/25/2014
Nice!!! I like that. ... More »
Re: Do you have a favorite gift?     12/25/2014
@BooBear: Like an automatic one? I've kind of wanted one of those. ... More »
Do you have a favorite gift?     12/25/2014
I didn't get a lot this year and I'm really ok with that. As my grandparents get older I'm really st... More »
Re: Guilty Pleasure     12/20/2014
I had to wipe the red off my fingers just to type this MEEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOO ... More »
Re: She's mad at me....again     12/20/2014
Yea, I think I've got some issues with her from the past. I need to just let go of because I know I ... More »
She's mad at me....again     12/20/2014
My mom and I have a strange relationship, we talk everyday on the phone and get along on the phone b... More »
Re: Deadly Accident on Feeder Northbound     12/19/2014
Someone posted on another site who the person was, so sad........ More »

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