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Re: Ideas on where to host a baby shower     05/11/2017
@IzzysMommy: THANK YOU, THIS IS PERFECT!!!!!! ... More »
Ideas on where to host a baby shower     05/10/2017
It does but it's too small of a space for about 30 ppl, were inviting 60 so I'm expecting at least 3... More »
Ideas on where to host a baby shower     05/10/2017
Hi all, as some of you may know I'm having a baby girl in September and currently I live in an apart... More »
Re: What's going on at Chelsea Deli? Unexpected Closing NOW     05/09/2017
Am I the only one who finds the interior charming? I like that it's outdated and old, it gives it ch... More »
Re: Pollo Tropical Closing Already!     04/25/2017
I liked Pollo Tropical, even though I hardly ever went :( ... More »
Vacation Ideas     04/20/2017
Pigeon Forge is like vegas for families @Bearfin: ... More »
Vacation Ideas     04/20/2017
@Bearfin: ... More »
Re: Vacation Ideas     04/20/2017
Piegon Forge ... More »
KWD backed up     04/06/2017
Well this was a bad choice, should of just taken 1960 [img] More »
KWD backed up     04/06/2017
I'll be heading that in about 20 minutes does anyone think it'll be done by then?... More »
Re: 2 Dumped doggies at Harris County shelter     03/31/2017
 They do have a rescue that's going to get them if no one is willing to adopt them, so they're tech... More »
Re: If KDC was a TV show...     03/24/2017
That 70's show, the scenes where they all sit in the smoke circle ... More »
Re: I am sooooo loaded     03/24/2017
mmmmm.....nothing better than a ripe juicy peach. ... More »
Re: New vehicle     03/24/2017
Thanks ya'll between this and everything else, I'm overwhelmed, who knew even preparing for a baby w... More »
Re: New vehicle     03/24/2017
So I went to go look last night and I'm a bit frustrated now :(, I liked the Lincoln but it was so l... More »
Re: New vehicle     03/23/2017
I've been looking at those Acura's too, maybe I'll go test drive one this weekend! Thank you for the... More »
New vehicle     03/23/2017
I haven't bought anything new since '11, I love my car and hate to get rid of it ☹️ But a challe... More »
Re: Newborn Childcare in Kingwood     03/17/2017
You're so sweet!!! Thank you so much. I'm already in my second trimester I feel much less green (Hap... More »
Re: Recommend a Maid Service     03/17/2017
I have a very good, single mom friend, she works at the Vet and cleans homes part time, she's got g... More »
Re: Newborn Childcare in Kingwood     03/16/2017
Probably, some of them are up to 1 year for newborns, ridiculous! ... More »

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