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Re: Woodland Hills     11/04/2013
So that was what was with all the sirens. I live near the police station and heard a ton of sirens g... More »
Re: Texas Supreme Court approves sexually explicit messages to minors online     11/01/2013
That just opens it up too much possibilities for some sick stuff. I get that they have issues with t... More »
Re: Anyone else     11/01/2013
@fcabanski: Are you also in bear branch? I did not even see any kids outside. ... More »
Re: Anyone else     11/01/2013
I got sick from my own candy, no kids showed up. I did a ridicules amount of decorations too. ... More »
Re: A different side of your teen trick or treaters!     11/01/2013
Not a single kid showed up at my door, I had decorated a ton too. No one else around me decorated th... More »
Re: Pet Groomer     10/31/2013
For groomers I take mine to pet ranch. ... More »
Re: A different side of your teen trick or treaters!     10/31/2013
As long as they wear a costume its all good to me. They are too young to hang around bars or do part... More »
Re: Rogue Civics?     10/23/2013
More reasons I want to find a dash cam to buy. ... More »
Re: 'Merica     10/23/2013
@Katiemcg: Is it a permanent ban this time? Why post pictures of dead kids that's just messed up... More »
Re: Old Kroger     10/23/2013
I also noticed kroger has been going down hill lately. Last few times the onions and potatoes were p... More »
Re: 'Merica     10/23/2013
At first I thought this was going to be one of those funny Merica threads with pictures of obese peo... More »
Re: garlic press     10/23/2013
@mogopups: I got one from krogers that is pretty good. It even is made with easy clean up in min... More »
Re: The robbers were caught     10/23/2013
GOOD!quote]it's hoodie weather,every teen is going to look like a criminal before long.....well,almo... More »
Re: Armed Robbery Suspects In Kingwood     10/08/2013
@Fallon: Hate to say it, but they are not. I was at town center last night helping a friend with... More »
Re: Certain actions are frowned upon by some churches     09/25/2013
@Burnsway: ...I do martial arts and there is no warship aspects in it at all. ... More »
Re: Internet Services in Kingwood 77345?     09/25/2013
@Orchid: NOOOOOoooooo they are way worse, they will say you will be paying one set price then de... More »
Re: Help my Girl Scout out     09/23/2013
Do they still do the hot Cajun crunch?... More »
Re: White Car hit at Golds Gym parking lot.     09/19/2013
I have filed a police report and all the businesses say they have no cameras, which is just weird. M... More »
Re: White Car hit at Golds Gym parking lot.     09/19/2013
Could be both, there is that liqueur store next door. Whats even more messed up is there was two oth... More »
White Car hit at Golds Gym parking lot.     09/19/2013
By any chance did anyone see who tore up the side of a white Nissan Altima in the parking lot near G... More »

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