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Re: Saw this snake in my backyard just now     07/19/2017
Looks like he is protecting your weed plant...... More »
Re: Family Dr. Suggestions     03/14/2017
We use Basaldua Martin MD for 12 yrs and when I need a appointment I can get in fast..Address: 227... More »
Re: Small rant on Bald Eagle Killing....     02/23/2017
The feds will not pick up the case, due to his age... I tell this is for sure, if he did this in Ala... More »
Re: Gastritis     02/21/2017
Educate yourself to see what your eating that triggers it ...I have Gerd and had to go to the doctor... More »
Re: Write a sad story only using 3 words!     02/15/2017
@herron1345: No shortage here ... More »
Re: Wells Fargo bank Robbery     02/14/2017
That's terrible.... but look over of the counter there's a robbery going on every single day at Wel... More »
Re: Window Replacements     02/13/2017
I had my window replace 3 yrs ago forgot the company name but I have his name Mike Lyon 832-483-9166... More »
Re: Write a sad story only using 3 words!     02/13/2017
No more football... More »
Re: Windshield replacement?     02/11/2017
I use Tomball auto glass 140.00 for my dodge ram and came to my house to install...... More »
Re: HVAC ductwork     02/11/2017
Air Filter Tutorial Air filters, AKA furnace filters are installed in the central path of the airfl... More »
Re: Herbal Teas for Gout     02/10/2017
@91BW: I went to Doctor this morning and the Dr. ordered blood work and gave me Indomethacin ... More »
Re: Herbal Teas for Gout     02/09/2017
Got it on the big toe now , started Monday and been drinking a lot water, and 2 tsp of apple cider... More »
Re: You are my shelter and my shield;     02/09/2017
If you are being tested in life be glad and joyful...God is standing next to you, In trials seek him... More »
Re: Best non-stick skillet?     01/29/2017
Anyone tried the ceramic non stick?... More »
Re: Bank Advice and Opinions?     01/29/2017
We use Home & Saving for a long time, haven't had any problems service... But for Uncle Sam I ... More »
Re: I want a new medical condition     01/28/2017
Haoles' doing the same thing as they did with native Indians... like Mark Zckerberg... More »
Forever stamps will cost more starting Sunday     01/19/2017
It might be called a "Forever" stamp, but not when it comes to the price of buying one.The cost of m... More »
Re: Hardy Plank     01/14/2017
Mike Lyon 832-483-9166. Forgot his company name,but they did my rental house 2years ago. ... More »
Re: Still battling eye glass RX problems     01/12/2017
@foxymama: please share with us... ... More »

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