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I wish I could     07/16/2012
So if I had a droid, I could??... More »
I wish I could     07/16/2012
Upload pictures on here from my iPhone...... More »
Home For Sale     07/16/2012
I only looked at the pool..... More »
Bingo!!! Sunday :)     07/15/2012
@bmcfadden2000: & @Heathur: Me too! count me in! ... More »
Weekend Plans...     07/15/2012
@Heathur: It's not dorky at all that you are excited!! I am happy for you! :) ... More »
What annoys you?     07/15/2012
Oh I see. I guess that was my way as a woman as saying, dang girl. You told him. It was kind of funn... More »
Weekend Plans...     07/15/2012
@Heathur: Hey, if you need a taste tester for your tasty treats.. Hit me up! :) ... More »
What annoys you?     07/15/2012
@mm4731: What the.. I didn't even say anything! Geez! Lol we're all friends here! :) ... More »
Home For Sale     07/15/2012
I do have to say awesome pool! Too bad it's not waterfront to the lake. I'd be a taker!... More »
Re:     07/15/2012
.. And no she is NOT! Haha :)... More »
mpjp0907     07/15/2012
@mpjp0907: check your messages! Lol... More »
is there something you would like to share with others ?     07/15/2012
@mardigrasman: .. Awe :'( ... More »
rain     07/15/2012
No lake for this family... Wonder how long this rain will last..?... More »
my nieces are coming, need ideas     07/15/2012
Take them roller skating!!!... More »
Sad day in Kingwood....     07/15/2012
Thoughts and prayers for you and for your friends family. Sounds like you are loving friend.. ... More »
Intoxicated Guitar Hero!     07/15/2012
... I have a headache... For those of you who don't already know... I ROCK!!! Lmao!... More »
Sale!     07/15/2012
I went to Beauty Brands off of 1960 by Michael's across from the mall and all of the shampoo and con... More »
Latest clever design for hiding a TV     07/14/2012
That is so cool!... More »
Intoxicated Guitar Hero!     07/14/2012
Heck yeah! Lol... More »
Bingo!!! Sunday :)     07/14/2012
Hope I get to make it! Really depends on Dh's mood...... More »

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