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Re: Kingwood Park FFA     08/06/2012
@glamgifts: Do you actually SHOW animals in FFA??... More »
Re: Who do you guys use     08/06/2012
@EJohn54: I have an iPhone 4.. I live in the front of Kingwood. I have noticed if I'm inRandall's b... More »
Kingwood Park FFA     08/06/2012
I need info from people who are outsiders looking in please. I am going to try to get ahold of them ... More »
Who do you guys use     08/06/2012
for your cell phones?? I have AT&T and the second I walk into my house, I have NO RECEPTION! It... More »
Re: What other message boards do you frequent?     08/06/2012
I log my food on Myfitnesspal, I keep up with my friends back home on Face Book. But I'm on here a... More »
Re: Starplex tickets!...     08/03/2012
So........  are we giving away tickets??... More »
Re: Bahn Mie (where)     08/03/2012
I like Pho Ann's off of Business 1960. (East of 1960 on the Northside of the street. By the Bingo Ha... More »
Re: Mothers and daughters     08/03/2012
@lola: That is true also.       There still has to be disipline and respect...... More »
Re: Mothers and daughters     08/03/2012
My mother and I are and so are my daughter and I.   *Note my mom was NOT a strict mother, she was... More »
Heathur, heres an idea for you...     08/03/2012
@mm4731: That was very thoughtful of you!! :) We have such a nice group of people here on... More »
Breakfast at Tita's Taco House     08/02/2012
It's my favorite place to eat breakfast!!!!... More »
Re: Thank god its.....     08/02/2012
word.... More »
Re: braxton hicks contractions     08/02/2012
I am excited for you!!! Big grins and big hugs!!!... More »
Re: do you like scentsy     08/02/2012
yes! I sell it! ... More »
Re: Favorite Fast Food...     08/02/2012
taco bueno....... :(... More »
Re: question...     08/02/2012
@GoldenGirl: Where is this auction??!?? DH and I would love to join!!... More »
Re: Work NoNo's     08/01/2012
@mm4731: SOOO FUNNY!!!... More »
Re: Lost Rottweiler - Forest Cove     08/01/2012
I will be on the lookout! ... More »
People...     07/31/2012
@mardigrasman: I love this!... More »
People...     07/31/2012
@Humble Home: We're those last two for me!? (possibly 3) That's so sweet! :haha:... More »

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