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Re:     07/11/2012
@danise: Just saw a HUGE sign on Italianos in Humble. They are hiring.... More »
Re: is there something you would like to share with others ?     07/11/2012
@FoFa: I never said I ain't skeared a sh sh sh sharks hahahahaha ... More »
Re: is there something you would like to share with others ?     07/11/2012
@kingwooddiscgolf: OMGOSH! I WOULD POOP MYSELF! ... More »
Re: Look in Meet Ups there is an event!!!!!     07/11/2012
Re:     07/11/2012
@jax:I agree.. Just wondering if anyone had seen his documentary. My husband pretty much thinks just... More »
Re:     07/11/2012
I know I will ask @Heathur: when I'm order cakes!! :)Every year for my son's birthday I ask him if h... More »
Re:     07/11/2012
It is YUMMY! I make similar dishes at home!... More »
Re:     07/11/2012
@kingwooddiscgolf: There are allot of different leages. There is one in the Woodlands I was told, th... More »
Religion     07/11/2012
DH is non religious and was watching Reigilous a couple days ago. (Bill Maher's take on the current ... More »
Re:     07/11/2012
G A M E R S hahaha kidding.. I like guitar hero while intoxicated...?... More »
Re:     07/11/2012
I might come as I mentioned on the "meetup page" I'll confirm when I know for sure! :)... More »
Roller Derby     07/11/2012
I'm really interested in bank track roller derby but the games are all the way down at  the con... More »
Do you Pinterest?     07/11/2012
I love pintrest! I pin recipes. Home ideas. Crafts. Cute stuff. Funny stuff. DIY. Seasonal boards. ... More »
hey Joe....     07/11/2012
Thanks for the thanks and the quote buttons on the mobile version! That was quick! Has anyone told ... More »
Goodnight     07/10/2012
Thanks for keeping me company today!... More »
Freebirds     07/10/2012
Well darn. I missed him!... More »
Dark mass on ceiling     07/10/2012
I just read the 1st page page of this thread. I thought this was about mold or something.. Haha I'... More »
Freebirds     07/10/2012
Am I the only one that went today??... More »
Re: funnies     07/10/2012
@Heathur: just name the time! :haha: ... More »
Re:     07/10/2012
@Heathur: Wanna play Walmart Bingo with me?!? haha Look up there! ^^^^^^... More »

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